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MindBlog 2002
MindBlog began as a passing thought going through my mind. I have many thoughts, but don't verbalize or act on most of them as I would like for my friends, family, and business associates to remain on at least speaking terms with me. However, this thought I acted on and, to this day*, have yet to offend or alienate any of those I care so deeply about.

First there was Pageminders
I started my own Web redesign and maintenance business in 1999 and named it Pageminders. I thought that was the perfect name for a business that "minded" Web pages. However, I was very disappointed to find out in 2000 that Pageminders.com was already taken, but decided to buy Pageminders.net and org, and, as they became available, biz, info, us, and ws. I also contacted the owner of the dotcom only to learn that he wanted to sell it for an exorbitant sum; so, I put a "snap" at SnapNames.com on the domain name and went on about finding another "perfect" online name.

Then there was WebPageminders.com**
Finally I decided on WebPageminders.com — along with biz, info, net, org, us, and ws — and launched my redesign and maintenance site early in 2002. Knowing that a Web site is always a work in progress, I started thinking about adding Web resource and business links pages to WebPageminders and possibly adding a newsletter later on.

And then there was Pageminders.com
Before I could finish any of that, my snap came through and I became the proud owner of Pageminders.com (for a paltry $50.00 and a lot of patience). At that point I decided, since WebPageminders was already established, that Pageminders would eventually become a Web and business resource site** and was in the process of making that happen when I had the passing thought about MindBlog. So, I added MindBlog and MB Links pages to Pageminders.

Finally there was MindBlog.com
As I worked on Pageminders I had yet another passing thought… MindBlog.com and, to my surprise, it was available! So, I bought that along with biz, info, net, org, us, and ws. After having worked on this site for several weeks, later tonight I will ftp this baby up and then it's back to the remaking of Pageminders. Well, that is if I don't have another really good passing thought, which is how all of this began.

Jeane Wade  

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* Note: MindBlog has only been up at its temporary home at Pageminders.com for less than six weeks and has yet to officially launch here at MindBlog.com. Back to where you were

** Note: Since then I have had numerous passing thoughts about my heart being in Pageminders (I've always said that "I am Pageminders"), so Pageminders is the web design site and WebPageminders is to become the Web and business resource site. JW - 07.17.02 Back to where you were

*** Note: Due to my life's circumstances, I decided to point (or forward) the WebPageminders site to the Pageminders site — in other words, whichever link you click on will take you to Pageminders. JW - 12.15.05 Back to where you were

MindBlog… It's just mindbloggling.

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