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MindBlog Archives — May 23 - 31, 2002

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053102 - 11:59 pm (CT)
So, my son Jon builds me a new computer and I let it mull over the basic standard software for a couple of weeks to make sure it's stable and everything is working fine. Then I install new software and wait again… testing. It all seems okay — well except for Photoshop 6 seems to think I have a "Scratch" conflict with W2K — I go to use Word and Windows closes it telling me:
Program Error

Winword.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log has been created.

I have been working on this in the standard way for several days now. This had happened once before, but with a different error message (Error VBE6.DLL) on another computer with W98 and it was WinFaxPro 10.02 and the wfword2k.dot file causing the problem — solution at Symantec Support. I checked this first, but it was a different message so I started researching the new message at the Microsoft Knowledge Base (no luck); repairing MS Office 2000 (no luck again); then uninstalling and re-installing it (still no luck); and finally uninstalling the new software in the reverse order of installing it (fresh out of luck).

Somewhere near the beginning I checked with Deb at HelpQuest.net who said I was on the right track — she is Microsoft Certified and teaches MS Office at Joliet Junior College. Well, after all else failed I called her again — should have done it sooner — she went to MKB and then to SS where she found it was the same darn thing. I had only scanned the SS article and missed "my" error message in the middle of the list — solution at SS.

Moral to this problem: Take Deb to lunch, mention problem, and she'll have the darn thing solved for me before dinner (cost $22.76). Top of the page

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052502 - 07:30 am (CT)
A late, but brilliant idea… checked to see if mindblog.com was available. It and all others that count were and so now they aren't because I grabbed them all. As soon as I can swing it at least the dotcom will be up and this page will reside there. I'll link to it from this site, Pageminders.com and from my web design/redesign site, WebPageminders.com. (Note: WebPageminders now "points" to Pageminders, so whichever link you click on will take you to Pageminders — JW 12.15.05.)

As a point of interest, at least to me, I own all the dots that count on those two sites also. For Pageminders.com, I used SnapNames to snap it up for $50 from a guy who started trying to sell it for $45,000 and came down as low as $9,500. I had offered him up to $400, which he should have taken and run because now he has absolutely nothing. Oh well... greedy is as greedy does. Top of the page

052402 - 03:08 pm (CT)
I'm doing email duty today — going through and grabbing articles of interest, etc. I was on the phone with another sister, Deb of HelpQuest.com, and mentioned that I had started a blog but she was not yet in it... So, there you go Deb, a shameless, blatant plug for your INTERNET HOSTING/SOFTWARE SERVICES business — also, she's Microsoft Office Certified. Me, I am just certifiable... Oh well, back to my SitePoint.com newsletter — I saved the best for last as it's a wonderful design and development resource. Top of the page

052302 - 12:39 pm (CT)
Journals… I never thought I'd keep one, but here I am blogging in as I transform this site* into being about something that I find fun — building and fixing web pages using HTML, CSS, and JS. My brother the "real" computer programmer says this makes me a programmer at heart. Others might call me geeky, but then if you are reading this you must also be geeky. Now if you really want geeky, I have a sister who reads dictionaries for fun — really she does. Top of the page

* MindBlog was started at Pageminders.com.

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