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July 2 - 31, 2002

Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

073102 - 05:45 pm (CT)
As you are going through the site, you might want to make note of a design difference in the MindBlog Archives. The May and June 2002 archives were done under the "old" design (gee, two months go by and they are already old), whereas the July 2002 archive is, at this particular moment, new. The differences are slight, but make for a sleeker look — rounded outer corners, wider right border, and a new main graphic — and it all says, "Me"! Top of the page

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073102 - 09:00 am (CT)
I finished another redesign of Pageminders for Pageminders' joint venture with HelpQuest — you can see it at Now for the what behind all of this effort:

Joliet, Illinois' NEW Grand Central Business Station
Opening August 1, 2002 is your opportunity to have your business recognized on the web even if you do not already have a main website established! is Joliet's new Grand Central Station of local businesses opening August 1st. Here's what we offer:

Web brochure — 4-page website that includes information about your company and services, how to contact you, a convenient Web page form to easily submit their request to you, and your logo and picture if desired. If you already have an established Web presence, a link will be included from this hub of Joliet business sites to your main site.

Web flier — 2 pages. One about your business and a separate contact page. Your logo will be included, and you may provide a picture for your main page. Link to another site if you have one.

Web card — Don't miss being included in this list of local businesses! Include a one-page Web site with a short description and your contact information on an attractive professionally designed page. Link to another site if you already have one.

AUGUST PROMOTION: Discount of $50-75-100 for businesses joining in August for its inaugural month. Get in on the marketing and advertising opportunity now.

Professionally designed, kept up-to-date with search engines. Opportunity for full business Web site hosting, design and maintenance.

Check us out at! Top of the page

072602 - 05:00 am (CT)
A pet peeve of mine is multiple-forwarded email — you know the ones, they have numerous layers of forwards before you finally get down to the message that someone thought was so important that they just had to forward it on to you... yeah, those! If it was so important, why take the time to close all of those windows before sending it on? Why not just forward the one with the actual message in it? No, that would be too easy and too considerate of those they are forwarding it to.

You guessed it, I just opened one that started out at 16K and by the time I got down 13 layers, the actual message was 4K and one of those "this is so important, forward it on to everyone in your address book"... harrumph. I should have previewed it with "full header and message source" in MailWasher — it retrieves the first 400 lines — then I could have just deleted it from the server without having to open 13 emails. The next time I will do just that.

By the way, I am very satisfied with my trial of MailWasher. I have been using it for over a month now and it doesn't seem to have screwed up anything on my computer, it works nicely with Outlook Express, saves me download time on useless spam, and the bouncing feature is somewhat self-satisfying. It's free, if you don't mind the scrolling ad for the program itself, but I think I'll send Nick Bolton, the developer of MailWasher, the $20 for lifetime upgrades and support so he can buy his cat, Jean-Pierre, a few cans of cat food. Top of the page

071702 - 09:45 am (CT)
My little speech at last week's luncheon went well — mostly thanks to my manicurist, "Niecie", at Manhattan Style Unlimited, Manhattan, Illinois (815-478-3292). She was emphatic in that anyone can talk for three minutes about something they know about, and she was right! I even ended up doing it without notes as I forgot my glasses, which actually was probably a case of "divine intervention". Anyway, I went in there with the confidence that "I can do this". Thanks Denise!

As for what I've been doing since then… coming up with another redesign of the Pageminders site, which is to be used on a new project that Pageminders is involved in as a joint venture with We'll be launching a new site at the beginning of August, so stay tuned for the formal announcement right here at MindBlog.

Speaking of redesigns, my first redesign was for a local architect. It started as a typical Pageminders job of sprucing up and maintenance. However, it is a framed site, which can be a problem with some search engines, browsers, and users that (still) do not see and/or like frames. So, I used the main elements and basic layout of the framed site to do a redesign to make a whole second noframes site within the original site — one url, two sites.

To make the site available to frames-deficient search engines and browsers, on the index page of the frames section, I included a <noframes> tag with a site info blurb on, and directions to the noframes section of, the site. And to cover those users who just don't like frames, there is also a noframes link placed in the main frame of the frames home page. Top of the page

071002 - 11:35 am (CT)
I just finished the redesign of using pretty much just the CSS file — I did have to tweak some of the graphics and change a little bit of code to go with the "new" graphics, but other than that it was all done with "style".

I used the layout, code, and style from changing just the backgrounds, text size, and the color, outline, and backgrounds of some of the graphics. (Note: I changed the text size as there are those older than me, ahem, who suggested the text was rather small — they might want to get their eyes checked — to comfortably read the page.) Color wise it looks like MindBlog, but the layout is definitely WebPageminders. So, all in all I think I have nicely tied the three sites together as sister sites while leaving each with their own identity. (Note: WebPageminders now "points" to Pageminders, so whichever link you click on will take you to Pageminders — JW 12.15.05.)

Oh, did I say sister? I wonder if Deb over at can read this 11-pixel print. I know Peg at Peg's Picks at can as she's the one I mentioned in my inaugural MindBlog who reads all of that tiny print in dictionaries.

Speaking of identities, I need to get busy changing WebPageminders into a Web Business Resource site — yes, I am Pageminders (see below) — I'll start that task sometime next week and follow it up with possibly adding some pages right here. Until then I have to get busy on a short speech that I'm giving tomorrow at the Joliet Chamber of Commerce Council of Working Women luncheon — yikes, gotta run! Top of the page

070802 - 03:09 pm (CT)
I have never used affiliate programs or their links (i.e. If you use the link and end up purchasing the product, I would make a few bucks) before on any of my sites, but have decided to do so only for products that I personally use; which keeps the list fairly short as clean coding doesn't take much software to produce. I do want you to know that I will clearly mark with a red asterisk (*) any text link that is an affiliate link; and if I add button links to affiliate programs, they will be under a clearly identifiable header stating such. That said...

In my email today was an upgrade notice for the CSS software that I use, TopStyle CSS Editor* from I have been using version 2.5 for quite a while and have found it to be quite useful if for no other reason than it saves me "look up" time on what works in what browser, etc. Before, I did it all in Notepad (comes with Windows) and still do keep a backup copy of my CSS files as text files. Anyway, they say it is new and improved with additional features, which I am always cautiously eager to try out on tried and true software that I personally use. So, I downloaded it and took a quick peek.

It has basically the same look, which is always a plus with me as I dislike having to learn new buttons, etc. (Think of the grocery store and how they re-arrange it once a month or so — as soon as you finally figure out some joker has put the maraschino cherries in with the canned fruit, he moves them next to the olives.) One of the new features they tout that I am particularly interested in is the Style Upgrade, which replaces "deprecated (outdated) HTML with CSS" supposedly with one click. As you know from a previous MindBlog, I think that replacing perfectly good HTML tags with CSS is going to be time consuming, costly, and a pain in the ...neck. So, I'll be trying that out soon and let you know whether the $79.95 price is justified with that feature alone.

Until then I am going to use 3.0 to do a CSS redesign of Top of the page

070402 - 08:00 am (CT)
Happy 4th from this proud American!    A Proud American - flag courtesy of

FREEDOM. Think about it. Don't give it up for anyone or for any reason.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin Top of the page

070302 - 09:00 pm (CT)
I finished the code work at today with pool time to spare. If I'd thought of it I would have mixed up a pitcher of the Tennessee Tea that I did not get around to last night — I was too tired to mix it up. Oh well, TBSS for me.

I've been having a recurring passing thought that Pageminders should really be the design site and WebPageminders the resource site. It would be very easy to do at this point since they still pretty much mirror each other; and would be next to impossible later after having fully established their identities. I'll mull it over for a few, but I'll bet I'll do it as… "I am Pageminders". Top of the page

070202 - 07:00 pm (CT)
The finishing touches are on it* and it's up! Let me know what you think.

Still have to go back to to put the page moved announcements, which I'll do tomorrow. Now I need to unblog my mind for a few… a Tennessee Tea might just be in order. Top of the page

* This thought is referencing, which, at the time, was newly launched. MindBlog was started at on 05.23.02 and moved to its present location at on 07.02.02.

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* denotes an affiliate program link

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