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December 3 - 31, 2002

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12.31.02 - 7:31 pm (CT)
Well, another year down the chute. 2002 has been okay as far as years go, but I can certainly think of other years that have gone down that same chute with a little bit more of twinge. Tomorrow? It will be just another day in, what I plan on being, a very long life…

I am a "glass-half-full" person, so for a while now I have been planning my 130th birthday party. Yes, I did say 130th. The date and place: March 11, 2083 and a yacht off of the coast of Tahiti. Oh, and we're all wearing sarongs. The menu: Plenty of rum punch. The entertainment: A bunch of 100+-year-old people in sarongs dancing to a tropical beat. Mark your calendars now.

Happy New Year! May it be a glass-half-full year for you!

As for the festivities this evening, I will probably be on the deck with a Tennessee Tea enjoying someone in the countryside shooting off fireworks and counting how many shotguns are shooting at the moon. Hey, it's Manhattan and we have a little more old-fashioned freedom out here than the rest of you. That's one of the reasons I live here… So, "Happy New Year" from our little bit of Americana and may it be a glass-half-full year for you!
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12.25.02 - 7:35 am (CT)
This passing thought was actually written yesterday, but I made the mistake of stepping away from the computer to do "one" small task before posting this and did not make my way back to it until this morning. However, there is a plus to that as the media have been reporting for a week how the chance of having a white Christmas is pretty much at zero for this part of the Midwest. They went on and on that, because of "global warming", if we wanted snow at Christmas we should schedule an annual trip to Canada for the holiday.

"they need to update their computer models… "


Well, they need to update their computer models because my sons were playing football last night in the snow! And I was just out with the dogs and the "Jeane Snow Gauge" is measuring close to four inches of the fluffy white stuff. So, the global warming Chicken Littles have been proven wrong again and the Canadian Tourism Bureau will have to find another way to get us Midwesterners up there.

Now on to yesterday's passing thought, which would have been dated and posted 12.24.02 - 10:24 am (CT).

I had my network guy — none other than my skydiving son, Jon — busy yesterday installing a wireless network in the old homestead. I already have a network set up — by Jon — but Bill came home for Christmas break with his computer and, of course, would like to go online (I don't imagine that he brought it home for further study into the world of engineering). Anyway, his room is upstairs at the opposite end of the house from my little "office" and I really did not want to run cable through or outside of the house.

My first thought was to rent an additional surfboard/modem from the local cable company (yes, way out here in Manhattan, we not only have cable, we have cable Internet access), for the few weeks that Bill would be home, but that was a no go, as they wanted me to pay for a whole second account, which would have been $61.90. So, instead I went out and bought the wireless setup — Microsoft® Broadband Network Wireless Desktop Kit, MN-610 (MB Alert Note: This product did not perform satisfactorily for us, so it was returned — more info.) ($209.00) — for the amazingly low price of $138.46 (after rebate) at the local Sam's Club.

I know what some of you are thinking, "Jeane, you could have had the cable company's deal for half the price", which is true if you are only thinking about Christmas break, but spring and summer breaks are just around the corner. By the end of the summer, a cost benefit analysis shows my monthly costs, which are static, will be way lower than their monthly fee times whatever. Plus, I plan on getting a laptop/notebook computer soon and will purchase the Microsoft® Wireless Notebook Adapter, MN-520 (MB Alert Note: This product was never purchased as… see above.) ($84.95), so that, come spring, I will be doing my work from the backyard deck… wirelessly.

As for the equipment, its installation, and use, Jon was impressed, Bill has been busy chatting with friends, checking his email, and downloading all sorts of stuff, and my computer and Internet connection are running very smoothly. Jon says the only slight snag he ran into was even though my cable modem is running through a router, it would keep resetting if he checked the router option, but when he left it set on the default option it wouldn't reset, so since it works fine with the default, he went with that.

And now I must get busy, as it is Christmas Eve and I have yet to wrap a single gift. So to all of you, on the eve of this holy day, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a new year filled with the joy, wonder, and amazement of the grace of God.
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12.17.02 - 8:09 am (CT)
Two new toys, folks! Yesterday I needed to make a minor navigational change to my latest project, NewLenoxBiz.com. The problem with making a change like that is you have to make it on every page that it occurs on and, in this case, it appeared on all 131 pages of the site. That meant I was going to have to go in to every single file to make this minor change, which, as it would appear to be, is a very time consuming, lackluster activity. Ah, but Deb over at HelpQuest.net came through again… with HELP with my software QUESTions.

"Ah, but Deb over at HelpQuest.net came through again… "

Deb, who had the idea for the change in the first place, remembered running across a nice little free (CareWare) software program that would make my task a snap, as it would do a global "Find and Replace" on all opened files — that would be as in every file that you have opened in the program. So, she scoured her download files and came up with… Arachnophilia 5.1 from the people (Paul Lutus) over at Arachnoid.com. Always being ever so helpful, Deb first ran through the download and installation on her computer to make sure I wouldn't have any problems, which I didn't.

Lutus has very easy to follow instructions on the download page and as long as you follow all of them, you shouldn't have any problems either. Just download Arachnophilia ("Windows executable installation program" for me), which is a Java™ program, so, as instructed, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Sun's Java 2 Runtime Engine (during installation, I unchecked the Internet Explorer option), and then installed Arachnophilia (just click on the executable file that you downloaded in Step 1 of Lutus' instructions). I started up the program and what would have taken me hours to do before, took minutes! Just a wonderful program!

As for toy number two… that would be Flash Renamer 4.1 from RL Vision, which is, as its name suggests, a file renaming program where you can rename hundreds of files at one time. Why would you do that, you ask? Well, in my case I had just changed every file on the site and dreaded the thought of going through every single one to make a text backup of each (I always keep a backup of every HTML file in text format). I copied all of the files to my text folder and then proceeded to rename every single one to have a ".txt" extension. Voilà, all of my files were backed up with one click. I also needed to change the actual names of 25 files, so I did that, too. As for the cost of this program, it is shareware with a free trial and $14.95 if you decide to keep it, and I do believe I'm going to keep this very fine program.

As soon as I get a chance (or just need a break) I think I'm going to use Flash Renamer to rename thousands of graphics files of all sorts that have ridiculously long file names. I've wanted to shorten them to a more practical length for, well, a long time and this program makes it a much more appealing task. Now as for who gave them those ridiculous names… that would be the same person who is going to rename them.
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12.11.02 - 6:50 pm (CT)
So, I was all set to do a remote MindBlog, but was too unlaxed* to do much of anything. I did however manage to drop my wallet into a footbath… Yes, I was going to do my remote from Manhattan Style Unlimited (815-478-3292) while getting a pedicure, but had just had my hair done by Diane — getting your hair shampooed and brushed by someone else is so relaxing — and my mind was moving to that wonderful vegetative state of unlaxation and my wallet just slipped right off of my lap into the footbath. So, no remote today and I must say thanks to Denise for saving all of my pictures for me.

Anyway, so what have I been doing with myself that I could slip so smoothly from relaxed to unlaxed? Well, I started on a new project back at the beginning of November and told you later in the month to stay tuned. Today… this morning… I finished a brand new 131 page website! It is another joint venture of Pageminders and HelpQuest. We have joined together to create our second business directory for another up and coming Midwestern suburb — New Lenox, Illinois. New Lenox is located about 35 miles southwest of Chicago and is a rapidly growing community of almost 18,000. It has plenty of room to grow and is in the process of doing just that with homes going up like crazy and several business parks sprouting up in the cornfields southwest of town. So, now in on the ground floor is…

NewLenoxBiz - Business hub of the New Lenox, Illinois area offering a local business directory and small business websites.

We set out "to provide New Lenox, Illinois area businesses the opportunity to reach the community with vital information about their companies. In the process we would also be providing a local business locator resource for the citizens of the greater metropolitan area." (NewLenoxBiz.com - About Us) And judging by the favorable response that we've received so far, we're doing just that.

At the present time, we have over 400 area businesses databased and are adding more as they come to our attention. We plan to have every business in New Lenox and the immediate surrounding area not only listed at NewLenoxBiz.com, but hope to put a good portion of them online with, at the very least, a "yourbusinessname.newlenoxbiz.com" small business website.

Over the next few months we will be marketing on and offline not only to businesses and the community-at-large, but also to search engines, directories, and lists; so that soon when someone uses "New Lenox, Illinois" as a search engine query, up near, if not at, the top of the list will be NewLenoxBiz.com.
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12.03.02 - 7:55 am (CT)
Well, I've decided what I want to be when I grow up… a deck dog. That's what good dogs get to be when their owners are too lazy or busy to take them out for a run. They get to lay or play there (on the deck that is) and just enjoy the weather and the fresh air without a care in the world. And if they are lucky, they get to bark at a passerby… lacking that, they can always bark at absolutely nothing!

Hey, maybe I already am a deck dog of sorts, as with MindBlog I get to get out (away from work), relax, and get to bark at something or nothing. In that case, I think that today I shall bark at absolutely nothing! It's not like others don't do that all of the time. There's always someone barking orders at imaginary minions. They go on and on as if they are king of the world when they actually are only king of their own little world.

If I was king of the world, everyone would mind their own business and leave the rest of us alone — "Don't tread on me… and I won't tread on you" would be the motto the world would follow. If someone wanted to be a bum, I would care less… well, as long as they didn't stick their hand in my face or my pocket expecting me to take care of the needs they didn't feel like tending to. Or, if someone wanted to be a human dynamo that would be okay with me, too — as long as they didn't expect me or anyone else to be one along with them. Everyone could be what they wanted to be… as long as they didn't expect others to "help" them be that whatever.

Everyone would have to be self-reliant a concept that is foreign to far too many people — or I guess they just wouldn't make it, but then that would be okay with me, too. The concept of "Survival of the fittest" would be familiar to everyone. Of course, it might or might not take much to survive, as it would all depend on how much they needed (or wanted) and were willing to work for to get by. If they could manage on less, well, then it wouldn't take much to get by, would it?

Yes, I already am a deck dog and today I got to bark at nothing and something, which makes me a lucky deck dog. So, what am I going to be when I grow up? I don't know, but in my world that is okay, too.
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