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January 1 - 26, 2003

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01.26.03 - 1:59 am (CT)
Well, what I mistakenly thought would take me a couple of days ended up taking five. I was thinking the number of pages, not the amount of information on those pages — those 25 pages actually contained almost the same amount of information that the previous 123 did, plus I had to cross reference each entry. It was your basic tedious crud for most of those five days, so when I was finished late yesterday afternoon, I headed for Lone Star Steak House for a celebratory 16 ounce ribeye and a couple of Remi Sunrises.

Anyway, if you'd like to see what I was working on, there is the 121-page (including index page) JolietBiz Directory with over 1,200 businesses listed by category and the 27-page JolietBiz A-Z List with those same businesses listed alphabetically. Along with doing all of those pages, I had to update the site map to reflect all of those new pages, plus add links to the directory and the list on the rest of the pages at JolietBiz.

As for what's next… Besides my daily task of updating the front pages of both JolietBiz and NewLenoxBiz, there are more pages that we (Deb at HelpQuest and I) want to add at both sites, and doing on and offline marketing for both, I'm tossing in a couple of "complimentary" pages for the Village of Manhattan's website. And there is a little matter of learning a couple of new things to make using a database-driven website so much easier. So, I should be kept busy for a while…
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01.19.03 - 12:09 pm (CT)
I might be getting better… it's only been 8 days this time. I do have an excuse, now, as to whether it's a good one, well, you be the judge. Those 130 or so pages (actually, it's up to 148) for JolietBiz.com, as of yesterday, I managed to squeak out 123 of them! Not bad, if I do say so myself, and, as usual, I do.

"Deb is the Microsoft Office™ WHIZ KID"


As for how I managed to do this, I didn't exactly do it by myself. It actually took a lot longer than a week and also could not have been accomplished without the expertise and assistance of Deb at HelpQuest.net. Deb is the Microsoft Office™ WHIZ KID (she's MSO Certified) who set up and tweaked the structure of the database, input the massive amount of data that we have been compiling, editing, and categorizing over the last two months, and then merged it into the HTML code that I generated a while back for NewLenoxBiz.com. (As a small aside, we very smartly decided to go for market identity and ease of development by re-using the same page design and code structure for all of our Biz sites.)

The code for just the database took several days to develop and tweak to display exactly how we wanted it to, as there was the layout of the information to contend with plus different browsers display things differently, so sometimes you have to play with the code until it has an acceptable appearance in most. And that code was just a small part of the code for each page that I had previously taken a week or two to develop. Then, it was a matter grabbing the merged code from Deb and plugging it into the correct page, which I had also already generated over, gee, I'm not sure how long. Then you've got your basic proofreading, editing, optimizing, and validating — et voilà, you have 123 pages in a week.

All in all, for me to be able to perform this seemingly Herculean task in a week, it really took over two months and two people — Jeane at Pageminders and Deb at HelpQuest. As for the other 25 pages, give me a day or two and then all 148 pages will go online in one fell… click of my mouse. Until then…
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01.11.03 - 10:51 am (CT)
Forgive me, as I have not mindblogged in 10 days. I will do my penance for this lapse, not with a heavy heart, but with a renewed vigor for passing on my passing thoughts. I will do this with the full knowledge that my passing thoughts are of no consequence, and possibly of no interest to anyone, but passing them on nonetheless.

First, I must report in on the wireless network that was installed last month. Don't rush to the store yet to get one, as mine started fading in and out after the New Year, so I took it back for exchange and am now waiting for a fresh installation with a fresh setup. When it is up and running again, I will give it a lengthy test run, and then report back. Until then, I cannot in good conscience give the impression that I recommend the product, so I have posted an MB Alert like the one below wherever a link to the product occurred in MindBlog. Those, now deactivated, links will either be reactivated or completely removed depending on the test results.

MB Alert: This link has been deactivated while we do further testing of the product.

As for my speech last week, it went rather smoothly if I do say so myself. I might just get use to speaking in public forums and did so again yesterday morning — albeit only a few sentences, but still, it was to a group of people most of which I had never met before. Both were marketing opportunities for JolietBiz.com that went rather well. (Thanks again, Denise!)

This last week, besides finishing up the categorizing of the over 1,300 businesses currently listed at JolietBiz.com, starting on the 130 or so new pages for the JolietBiz Business Directory (I hope to have these up within a week or so), doing the daily news updates at both JolietBiz.com and NewLenoxBiz.com, coming up with a new one-page JolietBiz website for a client, and attending two other Chamber of Commerce meetings, I had a meeting with my (Pageminders) partner in this Biz venture, Deb at HelpQuest.com. As a result of that meeting, we may just have a major announcement to make sometime in the next few months, so stay tuned…
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01.01.03 - 10:16 am (CT)
The sun is shining, the north winds are blowing, and all is right with Jeane's world. Here in Manhattan the New Year came and went without a hitch, as I assume it also did everywhere else in the world. And life goes on.

Now it's time to get moving on the rest of the week's doings. Tomorrow I am, once again, the three-minute speaker at a local chamber of commerce meeting. These little speeches are supposed to be about what your business can do for all those present and last time I spent most of my time telling them what Pageminders could do to get them online, along with a few tips on Web design.

This time it's going to be a quick once over on Pageminders and then a major push on JolietBiz.com, which is a Joliet, Illinois, area business directory offering local news, weather, and links, along with small business websites. We (Pageminders and HelpQuest) launched the JolietBiz site back in July and since then have revamped the site and its services, so I am going to re-introduce it to the area business people that I will be speaking to tomorrow.

My main pitch will be that we think JolietBiz is going to be the "place to be listed" because anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to locate the local business contact information along with local news and links they might find useful with a click of a mouse on JolietBiz.com.

In anticipation of making somewhat of an impact with my little speech, I need to print up more brochures and business cards, which is what I am going to do today along with writing down (on a note card this time) the points I want to get across tomorrow to the crowd while they munch on their salads. So, as I said last night, today is just another day in, what I plan on being, a very long life… And, yes Peg, my glass remains half full.
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