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July 1 - 31, 2003

  Pool Watch 2003
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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

07.31.03 - 9:50 pm (CT)
Market Identity… let's talk about pigs, pink pigs, pink pigs with sunglasses… now quick, name the Internet company associated with that cool pink pig with sunglasses! Or do that one in reverse… let's talk about CoolSavings.com… yeah, the one that uses the cool pink pig with sunglasses! That is an example of what advertising and market identity can do for a company.

  Black Sheep Business Group is a New Lenox, Illinois area business referral group that is dedicated to helping you build your business through referrals.
I bring this up because I was at a Black Sheep Business Group (BSBG) meeting this week where some visitors to the meeting were questioning the black sheep name and logo. They were from another business referral group that is thinking of joining up with BSBG. My ultimate response to them was that a year from now when people in the area see that black sheep, they will immediately associate it with the Black Sheep Business Group.

I followed that up with the reason behind the name, which you already know as I told you about it back in May. (Actually I started off by telling them it was a shame they didn't like the name, because we loved it!) Their point was that "black sheep" had a negative connotation and that was a point well-taken, but quick, think of a PIG… hardly a pretty picture, until you think of the CoolSavings.com cool pink pig with sunglasses!

M A R K E T   I D E N T I T Y, need I say more? Nah. Class dismissed.
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07.27.03 - 2:51 pm (CT)
It is pouring here, but at least it is a nice steady downpour — one of those that gives everything a good even watering that the cornfield behind here certainly could use. However, it is not conducive to naps in the pool; plus I see by Pool Watch 2003 that the temperature has dropped 15ºF, and that gets a harrumph.

With the storm going on, I very smartly decided to turn off the main computer and switch to the laptop, where I can have it unplugged and work off of the battery. I must say it's kind of nice not to have to stop what I am doing just because it is thundering and lightning across the rural plains of Middle America.

A quick wireless report… it is working flawlessly.

Normally I would pretty much just putz around on a Sunday — well, after my daily update duties, of course — but I have to come up with a proposal for a local business organization's website that I have been chasing for a year. With all of the time, effort, and patience (for me, patience is always in short supply) I imagine that if my proposal is accepted, it will feel like a marathon runner crossing the finish line. If nothing else, a celebratory something or other will be in order.

Anyway, now I need to peruse their current site, come up with what I will do, the how and why of it, and put a price tag on the whole kit and caboodle. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finish just as the sky clears and the temperature climbs back up to the pre-storm temperature…
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07.19.03 - 4:05 pm (CT)
As promised, the official MindBlog Reviews of the vpr Matrix® 185A5 Notebook (laptop) computer, the Linksys® Wireless-G Broadband Router (Model #WRT54G), the Linksys® Wireless-G PCI Adapter (Model #WMP54G), the Linksys® Wireless-G Notebook Adapter (Model #WPC54G), and the Targus Wireless Optical Mini-Mouse (Model #PAUM005U):

  • The vpr Matrix® 185A5 Notebook is continuing to perform quite nicely as I have had no real problems with the computer itself, only with software or hardware added to it, but those were just a matter of incorrect settings in the setup of the software (although, at the time they seemed monumental — in retrospect most things do seem different). I still wouldn't want to have to do all of my work on a laptop as the keyboard is inconveniently located due to the location of the touch pad and it still bugs me that the 15.2" widescreen display isn't wide enough to have two windows open without horizontal scrolling. Also, Windows® XP is not my favorite, but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

  • After getting past firewall permissions (see here and here) and a dying cable modem, the wireless network we have set up here at MindBlog — consisting of a Linksys® Wireless-G Broadband Router (Model #WRT54G), a Linksys® Wireless-G PCI Adapter (Model #WMP54G), a Linksys® Wireless-G Notebook Adapter (Model #WPC54G) — continues to perform like a champ. Although, I must note that when some unnamed person is playing RPG over the Internet, it does markedly slow down Internet access for the other computers on the network.

  • My only quibble with the Targus Wireless Optical Mini-Mouse (Model #PAUM005U) is that whenever it goes into sleep mode, I have to remember which button to push first to wake it up. Other than that, it works great… and on any surface, so you don't need a mouse pad.

So, as I sit here, not by the pool with my Tennessee Tea and my trusty dog, Marie, sailing the Manhattan waters blue, but in my brother Jim's living room (which is another brother and another story for another day) all products get two thumbs up and links at MindBlog Links.
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07.16.03 - 11:17 pm (CT)
Wow, I have been very, very bad! How can anyone know my recent musings if I don't pass them on? Well, that's exactly it, they can't. Does it change the big picture? Nah.

Actually I've been very busy with family stuff and Web business, so busy in fact that a lot of stuff has gone by the wayside — I've just been doing what absolutely could not wait one minute longer to do and then on to the next whatever. Not a very fun way to live, but how long can this last anyway? Or is it how long can I last doing all of this?

Anyway, I have almost finished the Black Sheep Business Group website (there's a few stragglers out there who have yet to get their info into the Webmaster). Since it's now online I have changed the links for the group to point to their website.

And another shame on me — it has been brought to my attention that I have yet to do a product review of my now not-quite-so-new laptop (vpr Matrix® 185A5) that I bought back in May, so I promise I will pass on the good news on that and my wireless network with my very next passing thought.

I can picture it now — I'm sitting by the pool with my Tennessee Tea, my trusty dog Marie is cruising the pool in her chair, and I am passing on my passing thoughts on my laptop using the wireless network to access the MindBlog files on the main computer and to whisk them online — a very pretty (and relaxing) picture indeed.
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07.06.03 - 4:49 pm (CT)
I've been working on a site for Black Sheep Business Group and they've been chatting it up about every member having a window decal for their storefront, so I've been playing with Clear Window Decals from Hammermill (Item # 10009-0).

It's easy enough to do by just re-building their logo and adding their slogan, phone number, and, as soon it goes online, their web address…

Black Sheep Business Group

… Until it is online, I've got the image linked to their page as a PAST Featured NewLenoxBiz at NewLenoxBiz.com — in the next week or so I'll change their link to their brand spanking new site.

It was an exercise in, well, something… that I may or may not figure out at a later date — either way it was a change of pace from the "stuff" of life, which in the last week has been very time (and energy) consuming. It's a good thing that I have a "jammie job", so at least I'm comfortable while I'm working.
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07.01.03 - 7:07 am (CT)
I'm sure you've all had it happen at least one time, where you've been talking to someone about a specific subject and thought you were in total agreement, and then six months later you find out that they weren't in agreement with you at all.

And to make matters worse, they make a point of informing you of your total disagreement to others at the same time they are informing you of it. So, there you are, left flabbergasted in front of who knows whom, and the first reaction that comes to your mind is to lay it all out there for all to see that what one person is trying to make them think is not at all what happened.

Ah, to spew or not to spew, that is the question. 'Tis better not to spew lest some of that what you spewed blows back in your face and somehow your spewed words end up biting you in the derriere. This is where having a good night's sleep whilst you contemplate is a very good thing — and it also doesn't hurt to have an involved confidante to preview your spew for 'backsplash ability'.

In other words, when you have an obvious disagreement on the facts — stop, think, and then, only if you must, speak directly to the one with whom you have the disagreement. So, to answer my own question, I chose not to spew and, after "sleeping on it", I did not hit reply all, just reply.
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