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October 1 - 31, 2003

  Pool Watch 2003
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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

10.31.03 - 10:49 pm (CT)
It's been a busy week with it starting off with new pages being added to one of the sites that Pageminders minds, then went to meetings, and ended with a client saying they are ready to start on their new website.

Then, first thing next week, I have a meeting to lay the groundwork for a redesign of an established website, which I am doing on a contract services basis for another Web design company that I have been helping out with their workload. So, when it rains, it pours, which is usually followed by a dry spell of sorts, and then off to the races again.

  Jon's dog, Tara smiling
In the interim, it's Halloween, so what better time to put Jon's dog, Tara, an almost all black dog — a black lab/golden retriever mix with one white hair on her back — on the Web. Tara is a very busy dog that frequently carries a tennis ball around just in case someone will throw it for her to retrieve, and insists on being the center of attention, which makes her a very high maintenance dog, but we love her anyway.

And that completes Pet Month here at MindBlog.
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10.25.03 - 10:36 pm (CT)
I have been dealing a lot with Search Engine Optimization as of late, and there are times when I feel like a broken record, so, for posterity's sake, it is now time for another MB Quick Tip…

QUICK TIP: Search Engine Optimization… I can't stress it enough, when optimizing a Web page, stop and think first about what words and/or phrases someone — real people, regular people, people who are potential site visitors, and quite possibly potential customers — might actually use when trying to find you, your products, and/or services on the Web. Then, not only use those as keywords, but also use them in the content of the page, in a relevant manner, of course.

The search engines will be more able to properly index your page, which will eventually (patience is required) lead to higher rankings in their search results. And we don't (or do we?) need to guess what that will lead to — it will lead to "pre-qualified" (i.e. potential customers that want to find you, your products, and/or services) site visitors who are much more likely to avail themselves of your product and/or services.

Ruth and Lily, 10.19.03
Ruth and Lily, 10.19.03
And now, it must be pet month here at Mindblog, because here are Ruth and Lily, my two very new and very cute kittens! Gee, before the end of the month I had better squeeze in a photo of Tara to make the collection complete. Who knows, maybe I will manage to get the whole bunch to sit down together for a group photo… hey, miracles do happen, but this one probably won't.

Anyway, it's so far, so good on the pet front — there's been some hissing, spitting, barking, and grumbling, but no bodily damage yet as they are keeping their distance, which is just fine with me. However, at some point, probably sooner than later, they will have to establish some sort of pet hierarchy and that might just take some up close and personal contact… ouch!
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10.18.03 - 12:58 pm (CT)
Today, I am back to being over the rainbow, the other day was a small glitch in my view of whether my glass was half-full or half-empty, but now my vision is re-focused and my glass is clearly half-full.

It's amazing what can happen in just a few days:
  1. I commiserated over joining the second group at Black Sheep Business Group (BSBG), decided to join it, did join it, went to one meeting, and at the next became the Group Leader. After my inaugural meeting as Group Leader, I suggested to the higher ups at BSBG that it be a rotating leadership and that when another Web Design and Development company wanted to join that I would step aside as a member. They, in their great wisdom, also thought that to be the right thing to do for all involved in both groups — and I, of course, agreed with them and myself.
  2. That, and some other happenings, led to my being late for my nail appointment with Denise at Manhattan Style Unlimited (815-478-3292), which is never a good thing, as Denise not only has a waiting list, but I was also scheduled to get a pedicure along with my manicure. She had time to do the pedicure and, lucky for me, had a cancellation for the very next day, which she very nicely offered to me for my manicure — I grabbed the opportunity and was 25 minutes early for that appointment. To say the least, the rosy red matching toe and fingernails are a beautiful sight to behold.
  3. I've been contemplating getting a cat — my sister, Deb, had rescued four few-week-old kittens whose mother was killed and I was set on getting one, well, until I went to pick one out and two stole my heart, so… tomorrow I am going to bring both home and introduce them to their new big (dog) sisters, Marie and Tara. It should be an interesting few days around here while they all get used to each other.

Now, back to Denise… we were talking about, besides her being a manicurist extraordinaire, her also being a Mary Kay lady, which led us to how not many people know that fact about her as she does not do home parties. I told her I could get the fact out to the online community fairly fast just by mentioning it here at MindBlog, so… This is a test of the search engines, as in, how long will it take for the search engines to answer a query for a Mary Kay Cosmetics lady in Manhattan, IL with Denise's name and business address and phone number:

Mary Kay Cosmetics - Denise Ellis
110 East North Street
Manhattan, Illinois 60442
(815) 478-3292

So timekeepers, please start your stopwatches… NOW!
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10.14.03 - 7:33 pm (CT)
Somewhere over the rainbow… unless you're there, life sucks. I know, I know, I know, if I've said it once, then I've said it once — I'm a glass-half-full person, but for this moment, this passing thought passed through my mind. However, not wanting to end on a negative note, if you are there — over the rainbow, that is — then life doesn't suck, and I am usually somewhere over the rainbow — just not right now.
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10.12.03 - 9:52 am (CT)
Well, I figured out how to integrate the second group into the Black Sheep Business Group (BSBG) website. The first group still holds the front page, but with enough mention of, and links to, the second group to make its presence known as a viable alternative to the first — if the meeting day is inconvenient and/or the career category is filled in the first group, a prospective member can easily opt for the second group.

As for the pages where all of the members of each group are listed, the president of BSBG, John Sicinski, liked what I did with Frankfort's page so much that he decided to have me spruce up the New Lenox group's page accordingly. I, of course, was more than happy to accept his accolades and to perform the extra work, which, of course, resulted in more remuneration for Pageminders.

BTW, at least for now, I decided to go ahead and join the second BSBG, Frankfort, IL, so now I, as the Web Design and Development member of both groups have two members pages dedicated to me, Jeane Wade - Pageminders.com » Black Sheep Business Group, New Lenox, IL and Frankfort, IL (Note: See above to find out why this link was removed.) — it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it and that somebody might as well be me.

  Bill's dog, Marie, sailing the vast Manhattan waters blue.
ABTW, as you can see, Marie did make it into the pool this week — I did, too, but hey, one of us had to be the photographer and Marie was unwilling to get out of the pool to take my picture. And this may have been our last sail for the season, as Pool Watch 2003 indicates that Indian Summer may very well have come and come to a close this week, and so must the pool… be closed, that is.

So, with a heavy heart, it looks like we must bid a fond adieu to Pool Watch 2003, and must now look forward… to POOL WATCH 2004, coming to a backyard near me in April of 2004!
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10.08.03 - 9:47 am (CT)
According to Pool Watch 2003 (look up and to your right), it is looking good for naps possibly through Saturday, so if I don't answer the phone or the door midday for the next few days… just go away and leave Marie and me to snooze in the pool.

As for work, I've been busy updating sites — nothing exciting, just adding and subtracting content. Although the Black Sheep Business Group site update is a little more interesting, as this new business referral group is already adding a second group and I have to figure out how to integrate it (and future groups) into the site without diluting the significance of the inaugural group.

I am a member of that inaugural Black Sheep group, and I may also decide to become a member of the second group, as everyone will have to deal with me anyway since I am the Webmaster. However — since they have to deal with me anyway — that may just be a reason to not be a member of the second group.

Six of one and half a dozen of another — either way they will be familiar with me, Pageminders, and the quality of my work, but — and that's a big BUT (just one "T" there folks) — when you're a member, then all of the referrals for the types of products and/or services that the member offers are given to that member. If there were another Web Design and Development company in the second group, then those referrals would all go to them — like I said, six of one and half a dozen of another.
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10.05.03 - 6:36 pm (CT)
Error! Error! Error! And my big brother, Phil, notified me of MY error — I forgot to send up the picture(s) of Marie, so everyone got to look at a big box with an "X" in it and the text, "Bill's dog, Marie". Sorry about that — I have no excuse for not checking online after sending up the new files — I was remiss.

The only thing that is a plus in this situation is that at least I used the 'alt' attribute within the <img> tag, so you could at least see the text that described what was supposed to be there.

<img src="imag0301/marie_123.jpg" width="230" height="161" border="0" alt="Bill's dog, Marie" />

It is also a lesson in not only validating your code (which I did), but also taking the time to check the new page after you have put it online (which I obviously did not do in this particular case). Thank you, Phillip, for looking after your little sister — she appreciates it.
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10.04.03 - 5:04 pm (CT)
Well, we've had a couple of good frosts since the other day, so I await Indian Summer, but until then, it's work, work, and more work — no naps — just work… well, except for when Marie and I go down to visit her boy, Bill, at school tomorrow.

  Bill's dog, Marie
Yes, I did say Marie — the dog, HIS dog (that's her on the right… I couldn't decide which picture to use, so I used all three) — every so often I take her down to visit him at school and, since he hasn't been home yet this semester and probably won't be home until Thanksgiving, this may very well be the longest that this "man and his dog" have been apart. That is, until tomorrow when it will be lunch and playing around on the Quad for Bill and Marie.

Now, if I can just get some puffins (that would be pumpkin muffins to the uninitiated) made, I'll be the best Mom in the entire history of the world… for at least tomorrow in a not-so-little Midwestern college town.
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10.01.03 - 6:15 am (CT)
Where the heck is Indian Summer? I've got Pool Watch 2003 (look up and to your right) still up and running just waiting for a few more 75 - 80ºF days, so Marie and I can catch a few more zzzz's in the pool, which I have yet to close, as I have the heater that the "girls" gave me for Mother's Day also up and running keeping the pool at a comfortable 86ºF just waiting…

Patience Jeane, patience, as we haven't even had the first frost yet and everyone knows Indian Summer can't possibly come before the first frost — gee, I guess I just answered my own question of "Where the heck is Indian Summer?" and will now patiently await the first frost — harrumph.
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