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November 1 - 30, 2003

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

11.30.03 - 8:32 am (CT)
Well, today is little Jonny's 23rd birthday who, at 6'5", is not so little anymore — actually none of my three sons are… little anymore that is — which, for this mom, means I can safely call them "little" whatever I want. So, a great big…

Happy birthday to Jon!!!

Being a Mom is such a satisfying job that I don't know why anyone who could would want to be anything else. I knew as a kid that when I grew up I wanted to be a wife and mom — although there was a very short time that I thought it would be kind of neat to be the first woman president, but I gave that idea up rather quickly.

So, I planned my life accordingly, learning how to sew (oh, I love to sew), knit, cook, clean, and taking classes that would hopefully aid in helping the kids with their homework through high school. As luck (actually heredity) would have it, even though I managed to get all the way through College Algebra and Trig, my guys far surpassed my achievements, which is as it should be.

Then I went to the local junior college to get an A.A.S. in Dental Hygiene, which I had picked as an interim (and in-an-emergency) career for three reasons: It didn't take very long (2 solid years); you started off making a nice amount of money; and, as long as you kept your license current (and mine still is), you could always go back to it if you had to. It served me well for as long as I chose to practice, which, for me, ended as a very part-timer in 1985.

Before that ended I already had three little boys and the husband had started his own architecture business, for which I was the secretary, receptionist, bookkeeper, business advisor extraordinaire, and later the corporate secretary. Much later (1999) I fell into the Webmaster position while still having two kids at home and still being the bookkeeper and business advisor extraordinaire, along with the corporate secretary.

Now, very soon, I will be down to no "kids" at home, as Jon, I do believe, is about to fly from this coop, Bill is off at college and only comes home for holidays (no more summers off for him), and Rob married his very lovely wife, Mandie, over two years ago. So, now what am I to do with all of my time and energy in this new phase of what I plan on being my very long life? I think I'll do whatever I darn well please and enjoy every minute of it!
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11.26.03 - 9:18 am (CT)
It has been two months since I decided to take "The Road Not Taken" and so far, not bad — I would say "so good", but when you change the direction that you are going in life, which would be the road not taken previously, it is scary to say the least.
"It has been two months since I decided to take "The Road Not Taken" and so far, not bad …"

The unknown is almost always frightening — it is kind of like jumping into water that you have no idea what the temperature is, and when you realize it's rather cool, but not cold, you figure that you'll eventually get use to it — the getting use to it, is what is not bad. Anyway, I am getting use to it, but still am finding some rather cold spots in these unknown waters, which I will also get use to.

Tomorrow is a day for being thankful for what we have, who we are, and where we are in our lives, but most of all being thankful to the One who is the source for our very essence, and I am truly thankful for all the many blessings in my life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey — He is the source of that, too!
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11.19.03 - 8:19 am (CT)
Last month, I decided to do a test on how long it would take to get my manicurist, Denise Ellis, indexed with the search engines as a Mary Kay Cosmetics lady for Manhattan, Illinois. I started the stopwatch on 10.18.03 at 12:58 pm (CT) and have been periodically checking in at Google to see how we were doing.

Well, time's up because, as of yesterday at 7:53 am (CT), the search query "mary kay cosmetics + manhattan illinois" (if you're going to try it, forget the quotes, as you don't need them) has her popping up at #4 on page one! It took just one month to not only get her indexed, but to get her right up there near the top of the pile! So, now when someone checks on the Net for a Manhattan, Illinois Mary Kay Cosmetics lady — there are several in the area — they will, of course, call Denise!

So, there you have it… if MindBlog were a business, which it's not, then it would have been "working hard" for the last month for another satisfied customer. And that satisfied customer would now be showering us with accolades all over town for our prowess in online marketing, when, in reality, all we did was a very simple "maneuver" of deciding what information we wanted to get out there, put that information on the Net for the search engines to crawl and index, and then patiently waited for the inevitable to happen.

MindBlog… it's just mindbloggling!
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11.18.03 - 7:14 am (CT)
Wow, nine days since I had a passing thought worth passing on, not that this one is worthy, it could just be more drivel about absolutely nothing, but it is my drivel and that's all that counts here at MindBlog where I rule the minions.

"…it could just be more drivel about absolutely nothing…"

Never mind that here, I am the minions — I like ruling me — it is very self-satisfying to know that I have the first, last, and all of the words in-between in this blogosphere. Although I have, in the past, considered a guest mindblogger — my sister, Peg, comes to mind — but she very quickly put the kibosh on that passing thought as she prefers to just have a stage pass to this show.

That's okay; my mother is fond of saying something about a soapbox and me — I have never really understood why she says that, as I was very shy as a child, and even today I don't say much, I prefer to think before I speak, which makes for very lively conversations (with myself) in my head. There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from thinking of the perfect thing (or comeback) to say, and then using a large amount of self-control to not say it.

And that is what I have managed to do here — just read between the drivel and you might figure out what I would have said had I not kept the good stuff to myself. Ah, the comforting feeling of thinking of the perfect thing to say and not saying it, but keeping the really good stuff to yourself where you can replay it for an audience of one.
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11.09.03 - 12:05 pm (CT)
For quite some time I have been looking for a decently-priced flatbed scanner that handles up to legal-size (8½" x 14") paper, and so far have had no luck, as most that do legal-size paper also cost way too much. Presently I am using a Umax Astra 1200S that I've had since '98, which works fine, but I'd like to find something with a few… je ne sais quoi… more features, such as a built-in, multi-feed copier and a few more dpi.

I'm also considering getting a digital camera… I know you must be wondering what in the world is a Web developer doing without a digital camera, well, we have one in the family, so I didn't need to buy one, but I do have to wait my turn to use it, so I've been thinking that it might just be time for me to purchase my own. As for features, the most important one to me is to have one that uses 3½" floppies instead of the rather pricey memory sticks — I know that a floppy holds a lot less info, but it more than makes up for it in the cost differential.

Both items are on my Wish List and Christmas is coming, so who knows what Santa will bring or maybe all four girls — Marie, Tara, Ruth, and Lily — will conspire to make sure my wishes come true and are beautifully wrapped and placed under the tree… Fa la la la la, la la la la.
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11.06.03 - 8:41 am (CT)
Mindblog, the ultimate computer potato, is going to get in shape, as we have signed on with a personal fitness trainer to crack the whip on our diet and (lack of) exercise. Mary Jo Blackburn of Life Changes Personal Training Studio (21 South Ash Street, Suite 8, Frankfort, IL 60423; phone 708-516-5076) has set up an exercise program for us and has made a few dietary suggestions to get us started on the road to fitness.

"Mindblog, the ultimate computer potato, is going to get in shape…"

Mary Jo has a story that inspired us — she is only five feet tall and just five years ago, as a thirty-something wife and mother of two, weighed in at, well, too much — let's just say she was a little more than pleasantly plump — and decided she wanted to get in a little bit better shape. She started an exercise and fitness program that changed her life and led her to becoming a champion natural bodybuilder! And she did this without the help of drugs of any kind, which explains the "natural" part of "champion natural bodybuilder".

Because she did this without drugs, she doesn't look, well, freakish like some bodybuilders do — if you see her in street clothes, you would never know that this unassuming, diminutive woman has every single muscle in her body fine-tuned like a winning racecar or a priceless Stradivarius. She is just an amazing person with a great story and a champion body.

Please do keep in mind that we here at MindBlog are not looking to become a champion bodybuilder; we're just looking to get in shape so that, hopefully, sometime in the next year MindBlog will be proudly sporting a "Body by Mary Jo" t-shirt and shorts! And when that time comes, we may just sport them for you right here at MindBlog.
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11.01.03 - 6:55 am (CT)
For several weeks I've been "locked out" of Microsoft® PhotoDraw™, which is a graphics program included in Microsoft® Office™ 2000 Premium suite. I kept getting an error message:

Program Error

Photodrw.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log has been created.

Well, after uninstalling and re-installing PhotoDraw™ and running the repair program included in Office™ to no avail, I thought and I thought and I thought… and I finally remembered that my NortonSystemsWorks™ 2003 had warned me not to run its Speed Disk® program because it had not been tested with Microsoft's® latest service pack to Windows™ 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4… aha! So, I uninstalled Service Pack 4 and voilà, PhotoDraw™ worked!

So, another lesson (re) learned: Don't be too hasty to install the latest updates to any program, as they may not have been thoroughly tested with other software programs and, as in this case, even with the manufacturer's own programs.
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