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February 1 - 29, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

02.29.04 - 6:53 am (CT)
For all of you word nuts out there (Hi Peg, Penny, and Rob!), Google has a new feature, a dictionary of sorts, where you type in "define " (no quotes and don't forget the space) or "define:" (no quotes and you don't need a space after the colon) before any word or phrase and they will search their database for definitions and then display the results just like a regular search.

While we're on the subject, if your word nuttiness has crossed the line into an obsession, then take a gander at Luciferous Logolepsy where they are "Dragging obscure words into the light of day" — like luciferous, which is an adjective meaning "illuminating, literally and figuratively" and logolepsy, which is a noun meaning "an obsession with words" (Source: Luciferous Logolepsy). And if you prefer to have your words in large continuous doses, then check out The Online Books Page — now "Listing over 20,000 free books on the Web" — if the entire text of a book is available free online, then it might just be listed and linked to at this site.

So, whether you like your words in small doses or in large continuous doses, thanks goes to Peg of Peg's Picks who very generously tipped me off to the obscure words and the free online books websites — as for Google's new word definition feature, I found that one on my own… you're welcome.
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02.28.04 - 9:01 am (CT)
Well, the blog pinging service worked great, although I did have to stop and register (free) with one site, but with today's PING all should be fine. So…

To PING multiple (actually nine) blog tracking services with one click, try Dougal Campbell's Blog Service Pinger Ping-o-Matic!. It is very easy to use, as you just fill in the name of your blog and its URL, check off the tracking services that you would like to PING, and hit "Submit PINGS", which pings: Weblogs.com, Blo.gs, BlogShares, Technorati, Root Blog, My Yahoo, GeoURL, BlogRolling, and BlogStreet — that's it, you're done… fini… it's a fait accompli.

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02.22.04 - 8:52 am (CT)
I don't often mention, other than in a casual generic sort of way, any specific information on the requests I get to link to another site. In fact, I have a standard reply to all of the requests for linking where I direct the requester to our linking policy and usually end with a slight ray of hope for getting a MindBlog about their whatever.

Well, yesterday came a request from a free IP address lookup service for a link and, as always, I went to check out the site requesting a link on our MindBlog Links page and this one-page site — IP Address World — seems worthy of a mention, as there appears to only be upsides to this service. So, if you are curious to know the IP address for your computer or, like me, you have a changing IP address and occasionally have a need to know what your current address is, then using IP Address World to quickly get that information is a good thing.

And with today's passing thought, I am trying out another free service, this one is for bloggers to use to PING a number of blog tracking services to let them know that their site has been updated. If it works properly (i.e. this blog entry is listed on each tracking services recently updated blogs list), then I'll give you that service's information, so you other bloggers can PING nine tracking services with one click. PING!
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02.15.04 - 7:49 am (CT)
"I probably picked up the phrase from watching the Howdy Doody Show back in the 1950's…"
Here it is, the sun is just coming up and I'm up to watch it… again, even though I would have been more than happy to sleep in today — I have a lot of passing thoughts passing through my mind, none of which, am I going to pass on to the peanut gallery.

I've been using that phrase, peanut gallery, a lot lately and just now wondered about the derivation of it, so I went to Google and right at the top is World Wide Words, where "Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British viewpoint". According to Mr. Quinlan, I probably picked up the phrase from watching the Howdy Doody Show back in the 1950's, as that is what Buffalo Bob called the in-studio audience of kids — the peanuts sitting in the, what else, peanut gallery.

Gee, from having so many thoughts that I don't wish to pass on, to the etymology of the phrase "peanut gallery"… how did I get from there to here?
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02.08.04 - 8:08 am (CT)
More on adware/spyware… from Peg of Peg's Picks, who is always on the lookout for cool, web-related stuff, a two-part article on the ins and (preferably) outs of adware/spyware:
  • "Prevention Is the Best Way to Fight Adware" (Yahoo! News, Gene Emery, 01.31.04)
    "…For the uninitiated, adware is free software you can download to your computer via the Internet. It often piggybacks on other seemingly useful programs, like the ones offering to calibrate your computer clock or provide weather information -- for free."
  • "Stripping Adware/Spyware from PC Can Be Tricky" (Yahoo! News, Gene Emery, 02.07.04)
    "One of the biggest challenges a computer owner can face is getting rid of adware or spyware, programs that can sneak onto your PC when you agree to download free utility software from the Web…"

Thanks Peg!
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02.06.04 - 11:21 am (CT)
It has been brought to my attention that my last passing thought was more like MindClog than MindBlog, so I have plunged it to get rid of the clog.
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02.04.04 - 8:47 pm (CT)
(Note: See MindBlog Archive 02.06.04 - 11:21 am (CT) for an explanation of the following edits.)
I don't mention it much, but I also do website consulting where I "assist" someone, whether it be a pro or an amateur, who doesn't know HTML and uses software to create webpages, to make their page do whatever it is they want it to, but don't have a clue code-wise how to make it do it. It's fun, fulfilling, and usually a fast… fee — not that I'm in this just for the money, but being paid is good. In fact, it is so good to be paid that I much prefer it to not being paid, don't you?

Although I, on occasion, do pro bono/charity work, I always pick and choose those very carefully, and it is always a deserving local organization that I "solicit" — if they solicit me, then it is a flat no, nada, not going to do it. Also, I have been known to give out limited free advice to friends and business associates who need assistance, but only if they ask me for it. With either situation, one must always be careful not to give away the store, which is something that I learned the hard way.

Lessons learned the hard way are usually the ones we remember and therefore don't keep repeating, which is definitely preferable to the alternative of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. So, after giving away too much information and not getting the job, let alone being paid for my expertise, I have set guidelines as to who or what I am willing to commit my expertise to and what fees, if any, I will charge for those consultations and/or services — it's just a smart way to do business.
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02.01.04 - 6:15 am (CT)
Yes, I am up bright and early, although it's not for any reason in particular other than I am a morning person and just happen to be up in time to watch the sun come up on this refreshingly brisk February morning, so… GOOD MORNING!!!

"It's amazing that I wasn't a little porker…"
As a little kid (pre-schooler) I would get up every day around 5:00 am in order to have breakfast with my dad before he went to work as a biochemist for Swift down at the stockyards of Chicago. Then I would proceed to eat with each person as they got up, which on a really good day (when the other five kids would come down one at a time) meant I could manage six — count 'em 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 — breakfasts! It's amazing that I wasn't a little porker, but I must have had an amazingly high metabolism, because I remained slim and trim.

Of course, it helped that in those days, kids didn't sit around all day eating, watching TV, and/or playing video/computer games, as we were SENT outside by our mothers to play for the entire day! With all of the moms at home, there were always plenty of eyes watching, making sure we all pretty much behaved and if we didn't, plenty of hands to "guide" us back to the straight and narrow path. Yes, those were the days when life was simpler, most kids behaved, and overweight kids were the exception, not the rule. Ah yes, the good old days… "Things were so much more like they used to be back then."*
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* I got that line off of a Ziggy card that I sent to my husband way back in the mid-80's when he was commiserating about nothing being the same any more. In fact I liked the card so much that it is still around here somewhere, probably in a box in the basement. Back to where you were

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