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May 1 - 31, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

05.31.04 - 10:21 am (CT)
Whether you are looking for a blog on a particular subject or are a blogger looking for another site to submit your blog to, a good place for either is Blog Search Engine. It is not only a search engine, but is also a directory that is set up by category, so it's easy for searchers to find blogs about a wide range of subjects. As for bloggers, not only can you get your site listed in their blog directory under whatever category you choose, but they will also give you up to 300 characters to describe your blog. So, MindBlog is now listed under "Technology Blogs":

MindBlog ... Passing thoughts of a Pageminder -- A Web Developer's Journal.
MindBlog offers a running commentary on the "passing thoughts of a Pageminder” -- a Web developer's journal -- along with links to valuable Web-related resources that they have personally used while minding Web pages, so their clients don't have to.

Blog Search Engine - Search Engine and Directory of blogs. Looking for blogs? Find them on BlogSearchEngine.com
Note: Normally I don't use a site's graphics for a link, but this one is kind of cute.
Another Note: They don't require a reciprocal link, but they do say "Linking back to the Blog Search Engine will give your blog higher rankings in our categories."

And while I'm not on the subject… earlier this month I mentioned a quote from an unknown author, "Life is not a journey…", but what I did not mention was who sent it me — it was Denise who is not only my manicurist and a Mary Kay lady, but also is a Harley Momma (she and her husband, Jim, ride all over the country on their hog)!!! So, I do believe she sent it with her Harley in mind, but I chose to take it as a general outlook on life, which fits in perfectly with my "glass-half-full" view of my life and my minimum goal of living to at least 130! It also would be the perfect addendum (or the da da da da da da… right, Peg?) to the epitaph I plan on having on my grave plaque (no, not a headstone) sometime very late in this century, "She lived until she died."
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05.23.04 - 7:36 pm (CT)
"I am not a slacker… I am not a slacker… I am not a slacker…" even though it's been ten days since my last blog, I figure if I say it enough I can convince myself to believe the unbelievable, which actually is not that unbelievable at all, because between coming up with an offline advertising program and tying up loose ends business-wise, I have just been tremendously busy — so busy that something had to be set aside and that something, this time, was MindBlog.

For the advertising program I have been working for quite some time with a local advertising consultant, Pam Good of Pam Mariner Good, Advertising Consultant (24717 S. Kankakee St., Manhattan, IL 60442, phone 815-478-5153). Pam brilliantly pointed out that I was not putting my offline advertising dollars where I would get the most bang for my buck and was really wasting $600+ a year on phone book advertising as Web development is really a B2B (Business to Business) enterprise, so Pageminders should be going directly to other businesses with its shtick. In short, I was targeting the wrong market.

Anyway, the advertising program includes an advertising flyer insert for a local Chamber of Commerce newsletter. I must say that she transformed the information that I gave her into a very polished, professional business flyer and she did it on very short notice (an opportunity presented itself that I just could not pass up) and at a very reasonable cost.

Then I followed her recommendation for a quality print job to use Paul Turay, Sr. of Galleon Printing Company (19248 S. Blackhawk Parkway, Mokena, IL 60448, phone 815-464-7860). Well, he really came through in a pinch, as I emailed him on Saturday to ask if they could squeeze in 600 copies by Monday at 4:00 pm, which he did. All this because I found out on Friday that my flyer had to be at the Chamber office by 5:00 pm on Monday to be included in their next monthly newsletter… talk about deadlines, this one was right down to the wire.
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05.13.04 - 11:04 am (CT)
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather skidding in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming… 'WOW…. What a Ride!'"
— Author Unknown
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05.09.04 - 10:12 pm (CT)
I had all of my guys here today, which makes for one happy Mom on her day! Rob and his wife, Mandie, dropped in for a few hours, Jon and the husband were already here, and I don't know for sure, but it was either the occasion or possibly the promise of a turkey dinner that even got the college kid to show up in the middle of finals.

As usual, we had the obligatory wiffle ball game, which did not end early due to breakage, as Mandie very astutely spotted, bought, and brought two giant red wiffle ball bats and balls. I even took some turns at bat and managed to hit a few line drives that Bill was sure were to pay him back for all the times in Little League that he seemed to be hitting the ball right at me. I believe something was said about Mom putting on a (wiffle ball) clinic while Rob, who had missed my stellar performance, was somewhere doing something.

Anyway, I managed to hold my own at the plate, but was thankfully excused from fielding duties, which is similar to when they are playing basketball, they almost always ask me to take a few shots, but I never have to play in the game. I'd like to believe that's a smooth move on my part, but I must admit that it's much more likely to be a smooth and very smart move on their part, which makes for one proud Mom to have raised such fine young men.
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05.07.04 - 3:18 pm (CT)
For quite some time I have been using Domain Tools to lookup who owns what site on the Web and where a particular IP address that I find in my site statistics is located. It also comes in handy when researching available domain names for clients, as they tell you right up front (no extra clicking or input needed) whether it with whatever extension or any other similar name is available. It's just a great resource tool!

And the biggie here is they will let you use it on your site for FREE! I have added it below — in both simple and advanced form, so you can see what they have to offer — with only a few changes to their code: I changed the table border to "1" so you can better visualize the search boxes; added the attribute target="_blank" to their <form> tags and their site links, so either will open in a new window, thus leaving my site visitors at my site while still visiting theirs; changed the size of the form box on the second search box to "40", as Netscape didn't display this page properly with it set at "50"; and fixed some minor coding errors (Hint: Look for an extra <TR> tag in the second one).

Domain Search
Powered by
Domain Tools
Block: numbers
Hyphens: No preference Block Must have
Options: Left Anchor Right Anchor Ordered
Search: All Results Only Active Only Deleted
Display Rows: Restrict Domain Length:
Powered by Domain Tools

To add this little gem to your website, just go straight to the source and get the Whois Source Domain Remote Search box code and then just plunk it into the code for your site. If you want, you're free to make changes to their code so that it will fit better into your site, which is what I have done when I added it to the MindBlog menu on your left. There is no signup involved, which makes this a win-win situation for you and your website — it's simple, it's easy, and as a bonus, it's FREE, so what more could you have ask for?

(Note: I had a link to add this remote domain search box to your site, but since it no longer works and I can't find it at their site, they must have discontinued the service for new users… sorry. JW - 08.30.06)

Well, actually they do have one more "gizmo", a little JavaScript link you can add to your link bar to enable your browser to do a Whois Source lookup while you're on another site… "it will show you the Whois information… you don't have to leave a website to see who owns it." When you go to drag and drop it on to your link bar, a "Security Alert" box will pop up warning "You are adding a link that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" but since I've been using their link for quite some time and it has yet to screw up anything on my computer or browser, I'd say in this particular case, it's safe to say, "Yes". Then try it out wherever and I think that you'll agree with me "It's just a great resource tool!"
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05.01.04 - 6:30 am (CT)
I don't pretend to know much about the stock market — in fact if I said to buy, you might want to sell — but I have been paying attention to the scuttlebutt about the possibility of Google going public. The cable squawkers have been filling the airwaves with talk of the possibility of a Google IPO (Initial Public Offering) and now that the papers have finally been filed, all they seem to be talking about is the impending stock offering. With all of the squawking going on you would think that there's nothing new to be said, that the squawkers have covered it all, but you would be wrong.

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch has gotten right in there with the squawkers, but he's not squawking, he's read the whole darn thing, analyzed it, and in his article, Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering, he "highlights some of the interesting information out of the filing" coming from a Web, not an investor, perspective. It's a fresh look at "old news" with some useful observations about Web-related information he culled from the Google filing papers. He covers the stuff that, since most of us will not get in on the IPO, might actually affect us Web-wise.
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