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June 1 - 30, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

06.30.04 - 8:34 pm (CT)
This kind of goes with my last passing thought about "What goes around comes around". Today I had a meeting with a guy that I had met previously at a Chamber of Commerce event, however I had not remembered exactly what he did, but another guy who was there did and directed me to him. Sometimes it can be kind of freaky how these things work, but they do, which brings me to one of those deep thought questions about whether it is just a coincidence when something like this happens, or going even deeper, are there any coincidences at all?
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06.24.04 - 6:17 am (CT)
I received a call the other day from a new business that had come across my Pageminders brochure somewhere that they didn't remember. Then there was another call from another startup that had gotten my name from a graphic designer whose portfolio I had viewed months ago. The point here is to just keep putting your information out there to whomever and whenever you can, then at some point in the future, the big circle that goes round and round will lead others back to you — "What goes around comes around".
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06.20.04 - 7:36 am (CT)
"…thanks Dad for letting me go along with you for the ride of your life"
Fathers Day… My dad died when I was 10, so I know what it is like to grow up with and without a father, and I can tell you that fathers are greatly undervalued commodities in this oh-so-modern world. There have been so many times over the last 40 years that I could have used his insightful advice or heck, just his reassuring hug — moms are great, but every kid, no matter how old they are (this one being 51), needs their dad's worldview, experience, and love, too.

As for my dad, he was a truly good man who tried to live his life as if tomorrow would not be there for him — now that I think about it, the "Life is not a journey" quote from last month could have been written just for him, as I'm sure that my dad did skid sideways into heaven and said to St. Peter at the gate, "WOW… What a Ride!" And I'll probably do the same, so, thanks Dad for letting me go along with you for the ride of your life, and Happy Fathers Day from your little Indian Princess who is still missing you after all of these years.
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06.17.04 - 7:47 am (CT)
Well, well, well, today is a very special day for someone who has put up with me for over 51 years — my Mom, who is a spry 87 years old today — so, on this very auspicious occasion, we make much ado about something in issuing this great BIG MindBlog…

A great big MindBlog… Happy Birthday to Eva Jeane!!!

Last year when she turned a mere 86, I spoke rather eloquently of her life if I do say so myself, and as usual I do, so as not to repeat myself, just suffice it to say her life is still grand!
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06.11.04 - 8:38 am (CT)
Pretty much since the beginning of Pageminders I have advertised e-brochures — taking a company's brochure and putting it on the Web — it is one of the quickest ways to get online, as you not only are starting with something that the client is happy with, but the content and the ever-so-time-consuming design layout are already done. So, it is just a matter of coming up with the code and fiddling (i.e. resizing and optimizing) the graphics to make it all work online.

As an example, yesterday I put online what was a one-sided, tri-fold, flyer-type brochure for a local portrait photographer, Fran Winke of ShadeTree Studio 57, who wanted to be online, but was stymied by content, format, and the cost of it all. She loved her brochure and asked about using that as a starting point, well, after getting permission from the advertising consultant, Pam Good of Pam Mariner Good, Advertising Consultant, to use what essentially she had authored and designed, we re-created the brochure for the Web — et voilà, an e-brochure! See for yourself and compare it to the real thing…

ShadeTree Studio 57 - opens screen shot of original ShadeTree Studio 57 brochure created by Pam Mariner Good, Advertising Consultant; 128K ShadeTree Studio 57 - opens screen shot of ShadeTree Studio 57 website re-created by Pageminders from original brochure; 81K
ShadeTree Studio 57
ShadeTree Studio 57

What might have taken weeks to do had we not been presented with the design, layout, and content already done, took only days, and at a greatly reduced cost to the client. And at later dates, as Fran gets her portfolio together, we will add pages to the different sections of that portfolio to her online brochure — at some point along the way, she will have gradually moved from a one-page e-brochure to a multi-paged e-portfolio! Gee, maybe I should start using that term in my advertising as well… yes, I think I will — E-Portfolios by Pageminders — I like it!
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06.05.04 - 8:31 am (CT)
Okay, so the Cubs didn't win yesterday, but I did get to see for the first time a runner make it safely back to his base in a rundown between second and third base — as for who that runner was, I have no idea, but whoever it was, that Cubby did a fine job, and the Pirates involved did not do such a fine job.

As for dinner, it was actually lunch at a Wrigleyville bar, so there was no hot dog, just popcorn and peanuts at the old ballgame. And since I was driving, beer just didn't seem like a smart idea, especially since I had to drive the hour or so home at (thankfully) the end of rush hour traffic, so I opted for pop at the park. However, after dropping everyone off, I did manage a steak sandwich at a local Manhattan eatery, so food wise, the day was not a total loss.

Thinking about what I just said, I might just be giving you the impression that I live for food, which is definitely not the case. However, if you have to have food to live, you might just as well have food that you really enjoy, and this Pageminder is always appreciative of a good steak whenever she can manage to wrangle one — and with that said, I think it's time for breakfast!
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06.04.04 - 8:40 am (CT)
It's a beautiful day and the Chicago Cubs are playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, so "take me out to the ballgame" because that's where I'll be this afternoon, sitting somewhere along the first base line in Chicago's beautiful Wrigley Field.

I'm not really a sports fan, in fact, I usually only go to athletic events where my kids are either players or sitting in the stands with me, but the husband is taking his staff to the game and there are worse ways to spend an afternoon, so I'm going for the camaraderie, beer, and hot dogs. Well, and then there is dinner afterwards at some Wrigleyville establishment with (hopefully) more than burgers on the menu — although burgers will do, a steak would be nicer.

Anyway, if you need to get a hold of me, since I won't be anywhere near my computer or the office phone, you could try the cell phone, but since I only turn it on when I want to make a call, well, good luck… maybe you should just leave a message and I'll get back to you.
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06.01.04 - 6:55 am (CT)
"I should have followed my own advice the other day, but… I didn't."
I should have followed my own advice the other day, but, as it should be quite obvious very shortly, I didn't. The other day I was tied up for way too many hours getting rid of a Trojan (Backdoor.Nibu.E) that was delivered to my computer via a link in an email!!! I knew within seconds of hitting the webpage it sent me to that I had been had by, what turned out to be, an info-seeking hacker, as my computer started to bump and grind like it was figuring out the solution to infinity.

Upon hearing the computer kick into high gear, I instinctively shut off the Internet connection, which didn't stop my computer from running like a mad man, but probably stopped the hacker from getting any info from my puter. All in all, it took over 6 hours to clean out all of the droppings it left, plus un-change the files it changed (including Norton files and settings), and uninstall then re-install Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) due to those changed files, before I was ready to chance an Internet connection to run a live update of NIS and NAV.

Then there was the not-so-little matter of my sons', Rob and Jon, time (add another hour or two) to go into everything to change security and firewall settings, plus to change and/or add passwords to everything — now to go anywhere on this puter you have to "know somebody". Oh, and let's not forget Deb at HelpQuest.net who was accessing and delivering info off the Net to me, so I could clean up the mess, plus she walked me through getting control of my computer, as it was so busy trying to gain info for the hacker that I was basically shut out by the little…

Anyone with any reasoning power, some life experience, and a little bit of common sense knows that most hackers, virus producers, etc. are teenage boys with a computer in their room (away from what should be the prying eyes of their parents), way too much time on their hands, and a criminal sense of humor as their idea of a joke is not funny at all and, in most cases, is a crime. So parents, yank that kid off the computer, send him out to shoot some hoops, and, while he's out there working off some of that extra testosterone, move the computer into a common area of the house where you can keep an eye on the little so and so.
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