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July 1 - 31, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

07.31.04 - 11:35 pm (CT)
Well, the drive back from our Canadian vacation seems to be just as long as the drive was to get there, so what was planned to be a VERY long one day trip back turned into a 2 day trek, which means we stopped along the way… in the Wisconsin Dells at a motel that advertised Internet access as one of their amenities.

Their wireless connection did not want to work, so I'm connected through my backup, good ol' reliable EarthLink, which is what I used in Canada also. Anyway, it's late, I'm tired, so I'm going to go to sleep in not my very own bed, but one that is a lot closer (about 600 miles closer) to mine than the one I slept in last night… nighty night!
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07.30.04 - 9:15 pm (CT)
I plum forgot to mention the other day that Eagle River flows into the massive, 68,000 acre Eagle Lake, which is loaded with Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Muskie of which, while not fishing, I managed to catch some Walleye and Northern Pike.

Eagle Lake, Ontario Canada
Eagle Lake, Ontario Canada
Todd, our expert fishing guide at Fin and Feather Resort, Eagle River, Ontario Canada
Todd, our expert Fin & Feather fishing guide
Eagle on Eagle Lake, Ontario Canada -- flying away with a fish in his talons
Eagle flying away with a fish in his talons

Since the lake is so massive and has some underwater hazards (i.e. HUGE rocks just below the surface), we had an expert fishing guide, Todd of Fin & Feather Resort, guide us to some of the best fishing spots and, as a bonus, we were treated to delicious shore lunches made by Todd and his cohorts. So, (this is a hint folks) if you go, ask for Todd and while you're at it, ask him about the eagles.

BTW, we were supposed to go home today, but someone, who shall remain nameless (not me, I went shopping), wanted to go to the very remote (i.e. no roads lead to this one), fly-in only Vaughan Lake to catch a whole passel of Walleye. So, here I sit, still in Canada where a U.S. dollar buys a dollar thirty of Canadian whatever and gas is going for the equivalent of $3.20/gallon — tomorrow it's back to the good old US of A where a dollar is a dollar and gas is under $2.00/gallon.
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07.28.04 - 10:34 pm (CT)
You might be wondering, "Where's Jeane?" — and then again you might not be wondering at all and could care less… Well, whether you care or wonder anything at all, I've been vacationing up in the Canadian Wilderness at Fin & Feather Resort in Eagle River, Ontario. The husband came up with this last minute vacation to a spot you can't find on a regular map, but if you're dying to find it, look about 100 miles northeast of International Falls, Minnesota and that's where I am… sitting in the lodge where I can get online after 9:00 pm.

Fin and Feather Resort, Eagle River, Ontario Canada -- Fish and hunt in the Canadian Wilderness
Fin & Feather Resort, Eagle River, Ontario Canada
Fin and Feather Resort "Lodge" Moose, (By Tom Barz, Niven Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1995)
"Lodge" Moose, (By Tom Barz, Niven Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1995)
Eagle River, Ontario Canada -- View from Fin and Feather Resort Marina
Eagle River, Ontario Canada — View from Fin & Feather Resort Marina

It's a beautiful place with fish, fish, and more fish — and even though I don't fish, I've managed to catch a few while reading a book totally unrelated to anything. I've also managed to get in some very unlaxing time on the water, catching a few rays, and working on my tan while at the same time reading that book AND jigging for walleye with my feet working the fishing rod.

If you want to take a vacation in the wilderness with just about all of the modern amenities close-at-hand, then this is the place to "rough it", as you can fish and hunt while living in a rustic, yet modern, cabin complete with indoor plumbing and shower, a stove, refrigerator, and electric heat, plus it's just a short walk to their full service lodge. That is what Jeane is doing… she is roughing it in the wilderness, courtesy of Tom Barz' Fin & Feather Resort.
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07.18.04 - 9:41 am (CT)
I'm thinking… and then I'm not thinking, which is the way it's been for me the last month and a half — I know why it's occurring, but it's one of those things that only time will fix, which leads me to, "If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day…"

As for when my mind is working correctly, I'm rushing to squeeze in as much of my work as possible, before my mind takes another unannounced and unwelcome break where it takes me twice (or more) as long to do much of anything. Gee, it's even been hard to unlax enough to take my daily snoozes in the pool with my trusty dog, Marie, so instead I exercise almost the whole time instead of the ultimate unlaxing pool snooze.

There is an advantage to all of this, which is that since I don't sleep as much at night, I just get up and get to work, well, until the mind becomes a slacker which makes for, some nights, plenty of old movie time (preferably a western) in the middle of the night. Aha, there is another positive aspect to all of this, as I have been catching up on my favorite kind of movie, so all is not lost… including my mind.
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07.15.04 - 10:13 am (CT)
I was catching up on email when I happened upon a couple of news articles from Search Engine JournalYahoo Announces Free Site Submittal Service, which led me to Get Your RSS Feed Listed Within Hours at Yahoo in 5 Simple Steps.

The idea of a FREE backdoor into Yahoo — at least into their search index — was so fetching that I became very busy very fast and headed straight to Yahoo! Search -- Submit Your Site where, after signing in first, I proceeded to submit all of my sites, plus all of my clients' sites. And taking total advantage of the opportunity, I then emailed all of my clients with the news "that since Yahoo is momentarily allowing free site submittals to Yahoo Search (not their directory, which costs mucho bucks per year) that I quickly submitted your site as an additional freebie to you from Pageminders". P R, P R, P R…

Anyway, in Search Engine Journal's "Recent Search Engine News" list, I spotted the second article about getting your RSS feed listed in Yahoo's new RSS Feed Directory, so it was on to grabbing the "Add to My YAHOO!" button (and corresponding code) for use right here at MindBlog. The point to the button is that when it is clicked on by those with a "My Yahoo!" page, it adds MindBlog's RSS feed to their "My Yahoo!" page, so they can see intros to my latest passing thoughts soon after they are actually posted.

One last thing, at MindBlog Links I have updated the name and link for Ping-o-Matic! (formerly Blog Pinger Service), as they have not only changed their name, but have their own dotcom now as well. And, since February, they have added new blog tracking services to their PING list, so now they also PING Feed Burner, PubSub.com, and RubHub along with Weblogs.com, Blo.gs, BlogShares, Technorati, Root Blog, My Yahoo, GeoURL, BlogRolling, and BlogStreet — with one click, you can notify all 13 tracking services that you have updated your blog… PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, PING, and PING.
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07.06.04 - 7:37 pm (CT)
I've had a lot on my mind lately — a lot of passing thoughts, none of which am I going to pass on — so if I have seemed a bit off in my musings, that may just be the reason… or it could just be that I'm a bit off, which some, who know me better than others, might just pinpoint as the cause of my literary malaise.

I'll bet you didn't know (probably because I have never told you) that I am digitally dyslexic, which makes it kind of hard to type anything accurately. It also makes for a lousy clarinet or piano player, and makes you wonder how I ever managed to be a topnotch Dental Hygienist, but I was. So, now you've got to be asking yourself why I brought this up, well that is a darn good question that would definitely deserve an answer if I had one, but I don't — it was just a passing thought.

Another passing thought… recently I put up a new one-page website for Joliet, Illinois' very own "Plant Lady", Barb Brixey, who is an interior plantscaper at Touch of Nature, Inc.. She's planning on adding pages as she gets them together, but didn't want to wait till then to go high tech with her new fun logo and other marketing materials. So, she integrated her online with her offline marketing campaign, which conserved advertising dollars by eliminating the need to reprint the offline stuff to include her new online info — that was smart marketing.
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07.04.04 - 3:08 am (CT)
3D Animated Flags--By 3DFlags.com  
Not everyone can live in the USA where independence is a right to be celebrated, but everyone can fight for that most basic of human rights in their own country.

noun: freedom from control or influence of another or others

noun: the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints

Definitions courtesy of OneLook® Dictionary Search.
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07.02.04 - 8:18 am (CT)
Very dumb move on my part… I was irritated with erratic mouse movements that have been occurring since installing a little video software enhancement a few days ago, so I decided to uninstall the little thingamabob, but instead uninstalled the video program itself, which must have been on my very-unsmart-things-not-to-do-today-but-do-anyway list. Dumb, dumb, dumb…

And then to top it off, I couldn't remember which video card I had my son, Jon, install on the last major hardware upgrade, so it was "Good morning, Jonny!" — gee whiz, so not only did I do a major dumb human trick, but also Jon got to have a good laugh over it without hardly even waking up.
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07.01.04 - 7:45 am (CT)
I need two of me at the end of every month to do all of the minding — updating websites, especially those with calendars — that I have signed up to do, but I'll just have to make do with just one of me… besides, I don't know if the world could manage to put up with two of me.

Speaking of one or two of me, I am still working on having less of me to look at — I had a couple of slacker months where I let exercise take a backseat, but managed to maintain my smaller self with no slacking on the minor dietary changes, so the prospects are looking good for that "Body By Mary Jo" outfit come November.

Whether there is one, two, or less of me, this "me" needs to get back to minding her clients' webpages, so they don't have to.
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