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August 1 - 31, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

From old frig to kegerator
08.31.04 - 7:23 am (CT)
I spent yesterday doing what Moms do soon after one of their kids heads off for a new year at college… carting more stuff down to campus, and while there checking out this year's accommodations, taking him and some friends out to lunch, then heading for the grocery store to fill up his cabinets and refrigerator — in other words, being "The Mom".

I was fortunate enough while I was there to get to see a new appliance that he and his friends had recently "acquired"… a kegerator, which, as its name suggests, is a beer keg refrigerator complete with tap placed conveniently in the door — kind of, but not really, like an in-the-door ice/water dispenser. I also was fortunate enough to learn how they acquired such a convenience — take an old frig from your parents (not me), search the Net for the kegerator conversion kit, drive to buy said kit, and then make like engineers and convert the frig into a beer keg cooling appliance.

I must note that I did not send my son to college to learn this new craft, but it sure beats doing a number of things that come to mind… besides, I'll bet they had a ball making it! BTW, I did not offer to, nor did I actually, fill their kegerator while at the grocery store… that will be up to them and, somehow, I think they'll manage that task without much problem.
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Sharper Views for Ridgetop, Tennessee
08.27.04 - 6:34 pm (CT)
The wheels of government turn rather awkwardly, but that is about to change in a small town in Tennessee, as there's a guy down there running for Alderman that has SharperViews for Ridgetop, Tennessee.

"Stephen Harper is the sharper guy with the Sharper Views for Ridgetop, Tennessee…"
Stephen Harper is the sharper guy with the Sharper Views for Ridgetop, Tennessee — he's not only the youngest of my three brothers, but he has been a very successful computer programmer for the last 30+ years and is considered an expert on the AS 400 computer — and if he is as sharp at the politics of running a small town as he is at running a small computer programming business, then Ridgetop, TN would be very sharp to vote this guy in as one of their next Aldermen.

If I were from Chicago, I'd suggest that Ridgetoppers vote early and vote often for my big brother, but since I'm not, from Chicago that is, I'd suggest that after checking out all of the candidates for Alderman, they will agree that the best man for the job is the man with the Sharper Views for Ridgetop, Tennessee, and that man is definitely Stephen Harper (a.k.a. S Harper… SHarper… Sharper!!!). Remember folks, there are no coincidences in life, so he MUST be sharper than the others…
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Pampered Chef(R) Internet Party
08.25.04 - 4:32 pm (CT)
Party time… There's a new Pampered Chef® Independent Kitchen Consultant in town and I told her I'd try an "Internet Party", so folks, if you love the products (i.e. quality kitchen products, cookbooks, and mixes), first peruse the Pampered Chef® Catalog and then email, mail, phone, or fax in your order for all of your kitchen gadgetry from:

Pam Good, Pampered Chef® Independent Kitchen Consultant
24717 South Kankakee Street
Manhattan, Illinois 60442
(815) 478-5153 (voice)
(815) 478-5176 (fax)

And what the heck, if you'd like to sign up for her monthly newsletter or just chat with her about Pampered Chef® products that you already have or would like to have (my personal favorite being the pizza cutter), go to GoodPamChef group at Yahoo! Groups and chit chat away!

The order deadline is September 1, 2004, so let the party begin!
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A brand new computer for a lot more money
08.17.04 - 6:20 pm (CT)
"…by the time you're done, you basically have a brand new computer for a lot more money."
The "Domino Theory" as applied to computer upgrades: when you go to upgrade one piece of hardware for a reasonable (a doable) amount of money and then… you notice something wrong with another part and then another part and then… by the time you're done, you basically have a brand new computer for a lot more money.

Well, the dominoes starting falling on Sunday — it started with the video card taking a dive and while looking at that, Jon noticed that the capacitors (they look like itty-bitty regular batteries) on the motherboard were starting to bulge, which is not a good sign, so upon researching what I would need, he suggested that I might as well spend a "dot" more and just upgrade the whole shebang.

So now I'm in line for an upgraded video card, motherboard, processor, ram, and some other little do-hickeys that all will work fine with the RAID system that Jon was in the process of setting up when the dominoes started to fall…
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Finally getting around to using both drives
08.14.04 - 9:59 pm (CT)
Well, we (really Jon) are finally getting around to using both of those 100 GB hard drives, the second of which I bought way back in, oh gee, October 2002 — as a RAID, where the primary drive is always automatically being "mirrored" or backed up onto the secondary drive, so if one drive fails, you just kick the other into gear.

Originally, I bought the second one in anticipation of having Jon build Pageminders a second computer, but since I purchased the laptop I hadn't seen the need to go to the expense of another complete system. So, I had been using the extra hard drive as a backup of sorts — I had backed up the primary drive onto it and then stored it offsite.

Anyway, until he has it setup and tested I'll be using my trusty laptop to work… and play, which is what I pretty much do here at MindBlog while blogging about my adventures in Web development.
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It's August in Manhattan, not October
08.11.04 - 7:25 pm (CT)
Oh come on, it's August in Manhattan, not October, so what's with this chilly 57ºF, and what happened to the dog days — "noun: the hot period between early July and early September; a period of inactivity"* — of summer? You know, when it's too hot even for a dog to be doing much of anything?

And according to Pool Watch 2004, tomorrow isn't going to be much better, which would be a bummer, but just because it's not snoozing in the pool weather doesn't mean all is lost. Mandie and I are heading to Long Grove, IL for a very cool August day of shopping all of the quaint, and not so quaint, little stores in that turn of the (twentieth, not twenty-first) century town, including a certain jammie shop that I NEVER pass up… on the chance to get more "work clothes", so CH… CH… CHARGE!!!
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Meowser! It's "Cat Day" at MindBlog!
08.06.04 - 1:03 pm (CT)
Meowser! It's "Cat Day" at MindBlog! Ruth and Lily turned one year old this week, so without further ado… the beautiful and perfect Ruth and Lily… oops, that would be Lily and Ruth, as that's Lily on the left… or is that… no, I was right the first time… no, I was right the second time, so yes, the beautiful and perfect Lily and Ruth!

The beautiful and perfect Lily and Ruth on the kitchen windowsill -- neither of them very happy about being bothered by the cameraman.
The beautiful and perfect Lily and Ruth on the kitchen windowsill — neither of them very happy about being bothered by the cameraman.
It was last October when I first showed you "my two very new and very cute kittens", at the time I didn't tell you how I managed to wrangle two cats, (Note: oops, yes I did, JW, 10.29.04) but suffice it to say, I did and am darn happy that I did. They have blended well into my pet menagerie, in fact absolutely no blood was spilled in the blending with Marie and Tara.

So, you might be wondering what all of this pet stuff has to do with Web Development… absolutely nothing other than they keep me content and (arguably) sane!
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Cheryl Bartosh… until we meet again
08.05.04 - 9:17 am (CT)
  Cheryl Haxby Bovara Bartosh, 1953 - 2004.
Cheryl Bartosh
1953 - 2004
C h e r y l   H a x b y   B o v a r a   B a r t o s h
B o r n :   F e b r u a r y   1 2,   1 9 5 3
A t   R e s t :   J u l y   3 1,   2 0 0 4

There are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason… Cheryl and I met at one of life's crossroads, we lingered at the crossroads for a short time and then went on down our separate roads knowing that there was a reason for the short time we spent as close friends and confidantes — she gave me spiritual insight and I gave her hope… Cheryl you are loved and will be missed… until we meet again.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
— John 3:16
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Macromedia HomeSite 5.5
08.01.04 - 10:07 am (CT)
Up and at 'em… rise and shine… a little late, but it's the last day (really it is) of an extended (by now, 3 days) vacation! Later today I will be back home in Manhattan where the living is easy, which is good because I need a vacation — oh, that's right, I'm still on one… So, I guess that tomorrow it's back to the grindstone.

Hey, besides not fishing last week I did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of work, including getting the basics down on Macromedia HomeSite 5.5 so I can teach a client how to use it to do some VERY basic changes to his site (i.e. price changes to his e-commerce site).

HomeSite is "a lean, code-only editor for web development. Advanced coding features enable you to instantly create and modify HTML, CFML, JSP, and XHTML tags, while enhanced productivity tools allow you to validate, reuse, navigate, and format code more easily."
Keeping in mind that I already have and use several text editors and a code validator, I found it easy to grasp and master the basics, so if you're looking for a text editor with a little more to it than Notepad (comes with Windows) and don't mind shelling out $99.99 (plus $10.00 for the backup CD… it never hurts to have an original backup), then by all means give it a try.
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