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September 1 - 30, 2004

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

A wide-open space absolutely void of anything
09.30.04 - 10:19 pm (CT)
My, my, my… my mind is a thoughtless cavern of nothingness… a wide-open space absolutely void of anything meaningful… not a single passing thought passing through on its way to someplace else. Ah… almost total unlaxation… give me another cup of tea and I might just… oops, thoughts are… oh good, they're gone again.
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Burdens lifted are sometimes the result of burdens shared
09.24.04 - 6:33 pm (CT)
Burdens lifted are sometimes the result of burdens shared… and usually it feels good to share the burden, as long as you don't think about it too much — if you do think about it too much, then it adds a new burden of did your unburdening yourself overburden the unburdened-upon? If you missed my point in this passing thought, that's okay, however I won't burden you with further explanation, just take my word for it, and move on with your life.
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Remote road blog
09.17.04 - 2:26 pm (CT)
On the road again… earlier this year I did a remote air blog, well this is a remote road blog! We've just left Minnesota and are headed down Highway 53, somewhere between Superior and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This chunk of the road takes you through some pretty fabulous scenery, which because I'm doing this, I'm not watching that, the scenery that is.

Anyway, I am taking a little break from my JavaScript lessons (I didn't get as much of that done this last week as I had hoped) and thought — a passing one, of course — it might be interesting to at least me, to do a little MindBlogging heading down the highway. Oh, and just in case you're wondering, no, I'm not driving… the husband is, so I'm pretty much free to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which is exactly what I've been doing.

When I get home tonight, I'll put this online along with the Web stuff I've gotten done this past week, plus sending out a bunch of email that has been piling up in my Outbox waiting to be sent out. BTW, at first the thought of no Net access for a week had me a little bothered, but like any other habit, I got over it. Well, sort of… okay, so I'm roadblogging in anticipation of this going online as soon as I make it back to the home front, but… but nothing.
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A little dab'll do ya
09.15.04 - 10:01 pm (CT)
Well, not fishing is a tough thing not to do… oops, I think I just did a double negative, which means the second negative cancelled out the first negative, so… Oh anyway, it's tough not to fish on a fishing trip, although a little bit of fishing goes a LONG way — kind of like the old Brylcreem commercials where "a little dab'll do ya".

"…oops, I think I just did a double negative, which means the second negative cancelled out the first negative…"
Besides not fishing, I've been catching up on lots of stuff, one "stuff" is sort of figuring out how to do not-really-advanced stuff with the Vivitar camera that Rob and Mandie gave me last Christmas — it's all stuff that once you figure out how to do it (usually by actually reading the instructions), you feel like a dope. Anyway, don't laugh now, you can view one of the results of my labor — I finally managed to download all of the pictures that I had taken since getting the camera, which included pictures of my mother riding on the Fun Day Chamber Trolley last week.

I've also managed to finish up several Web projects, but since I do not have Internet access on this trip, they can't go online till I get home this weekend. You'll know I've made it back to civilization, as that's when you'll be reading this little missive and any other passing thoughts I happen to pass on… well after the fact.
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Not going fishing again
09.10.04 - 9:20 pm (CT)
I'm not going fishing again tomorrow… this time I'm not going fishing at Spider Lake near Grand Rapids, Minnesota — and while I'm not fishing this time, I'll be working on a couple of websites and, so I'm not left behind the rest of class, studying my JavaScript. Anyway, this time I may not have any access to the Internet, so… well, you'll know by my silence.
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The parade I'm never in
09.06.04 - 7:37 am (CT)
  My Mom on the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce trolley "float", Manhattan Fun Day Parade, Manhattan, IL, 09.06.04.
My Mom on the Trolley
It's Fun Day "Party in the Park" here in tiny Manhattan, IL! Today is the parade and last year I said, "As for the parade, I'm never in it", well, never say never, because this year not only am I in it, but my 87-year-old mother is, too! She is riding in my spot in the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce trolley "float" and I am walking the entire route handing out candy and Chamber info. So, if you're in the area, stop on by in time (11:00 am) to enjoy the parade, get some candy, and then head for the "Party in the Park" for food, drinks, entertainment, and FUN!
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Homemaker's Ideas Internet party
09.04.04 - 3:39 pm (CT)
Party, party, party… this time it's to help out my daughter-in-law, Mandie Wade, who just started as a Homemaker's Ideas Independent Sales Consultant. She had invited me to a home party and I was impressed enough, especially with their baskets (I bought two), that when she decided to become a consultant, I told her I would throw an Internet party for her, so get out your pencils and ORDER!

Her manager very generously offered to let Mandie's party goers use the Homemaker's Ideas Catalog on her website to peruse their "complete line of organizing and decorating essentials, including baskets, linens, florals, greens, pottery, wallpaper borders, and more", and then, follow me here folks, either call or mail in your order to:

Mandie Wade
Independent Sales Consultant
The Homemaker's Ideas Company
25349 Faraday Road
Manhattan, Illinois 60442
(708) 212-1570

As the party hostess, I'll be entitled to get discounted or just plain free merchandise, but whatever I get I'm going to give to Mandie to help build up her display merchandise for future home shows, so… Feel free to order everything your little heart desires, as the more you order, the more stuff I can give to Mandie to start her off right as one of the newest Homemaker's Ideas Independent Sales Consultants. Cha-ching!
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Learning enough to write my own JavaScripts
09.01.04 - 6:15 am (CT)
Almost 2 years ago I "set aside my educational pursuits concerning JavaScript for at least a few weeks", well, my "few weeks" are up, because last night, with the urging of Deb at HelpQuest.com, I enrolled in a JavaScript (JS) class at the local junior college.

In fact, we are taking the class together — she had already signed up for it and, knowing that I had been threatening for quite some time (yeah, like two years) to learn enough of the scripting language to write my own JavaScripts, had suggested on several occasions that I join her for some recreational coding. So, at the very last minute, I surprised her in the parking lot, and said sure and thanks for the nudge.

And if I have enough fun doing what is effectively JavaScript 101 (actually, it's Computer Information Systems 223), then maybe I'll go on to the next level, which I guess would be JS 102, or would it be 201? Well, whatever it is, I might just take that class, too.
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