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April 1 - 30, 2005

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Transitions, word of the day, and letting things happen… again
04.30.05 - 4:38 pm (CT)
I'm a techno geek in transition to what or where, I have no idea, but while I was looking up the word "transition" (noun: a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another) at OneLook® Dictionary Search, I ran across this little freebie for your website, a FREE "Word of the Day", where they give you a "JavaScript that will generate a randomly chosen word from" any of the dictionaries that they regularly search "every day, based on the same algorithm that powers OneLook's global Word of the Day feature. You can place it anywhere on your web site."

Computing Word of the Day: Free from OneLook®
Note: I made my own Word of the Day box, as OneLook's comes with no box, in fact it comes with just the words "Today's word is" and then the word. Hey, but you're all creative people, so create. Oh yeah, and it opens in the same window.

This particular word of the day is generated from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC), which "is a searchable dictionary of terms from computing and related fields". I picked computing for my word category since MindBlog is supposed to be about Web Development, however, you can pick either from one of the 993 dictionaries they currently search or by any of a number of categories they have and then pick one of the dictionaries in that category.

To pick either way go to OneLook: All dictionary sites and click on the "More info" link after the dictionary of your choice, then click on the "Add a search box or word-a-day" link, grab the code, and add it to your page — to pick by category instead, click on one of the "Browse dictionaries of this type" links, then follow the same steps for dictionaries (above). Et voilà, you have a little bit of FREE fresh content for your site with little fuss or muss.

A total aside: It is another one of those days where I'm just letting things happen. There are times when I (sort of) wish I didn't know what I know, but since I do, I'll just hang onto the information until the opportunity arises to use that info to my advantage… oh well, I guess whomever should have waited for an appropriate time to do whatever.
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Passing thoughts on a friend's passing
04.24.05 - 1:59 am (CT)
There are only a few people that I have kept in touch with over the decades since my teens and early twenties… there's Bonnie who I've been friends with since the seventh grade — she lives in Georgia and I haven't seen her in years, but we write back and forth. Then there's Karen from college who lives in a nearby town — we get together a couple of times a year for lunch and/or a professional seminar. And there's Judi who married the Best Man at my wedding — until the last few years, our two families would get together for family celebrations and occasional couples only dinners out.

Well, earlier this week, after a very long illness, Judi Phillips passed away. We shared a lot of life's major events over the years: weddings, birth of our kids (her three girls are the same ages as my three boys — she went on to have twin boys, which I did not match, but we shared the event nonetheless) and all of the ensuing birthday parties, graduations, and weddings, along with the trials and tribulations of raising kids. I am the Godmother of her second daughter and she was the baker for my kids' birthday cakes when they were younger, which brings me to sharing with you her best least-kept secret…

Judi's Buttercream Frosting
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup Crisco
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/8 teaspoon salt
4 cups confectioners (powdered) sugar
3 tablespoons cold milk
Cream butter and Crisco. Add and cream vanilla and salt. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time, mix till smooth. Add milk and mix on high speed. (Note: For whiter frosting, use Crisco instead of butter and use clear vanilla.)
— Judith Ann Phillips, May 30, 1957 - April 18, 2005
Judi's Buttercream Frosting recipe is so good that I always make extra to have in the frig for when my youngest son or I get a craving for just a spoonful of the yummy stuff (there's one in there right now). In fact, one year that same son asked me to make his whole birthday "cake" out of it — it took eight batches to fill the 9" x 13" pan and he loved it! Anyway, I thought what better way to pay tribute to a friend than to pass on her memory through giving out possibly her most requested recipe, so when you are enjoying Judi's Buttercream Frosting, please think of my friend, Judi Phillips.
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Staying cool, calm, and collected in spite of it all
04.20.05 - 9:58 pm (CT)
Have you ever been somewhere and realized that there was someone else also there who, without knowing you (and maybe it), had negatively affected your life? Were you VERY tempted to go up to that person and give them an earful, but you restrained yourself, sitting there quietly irritated the entire time? Did it distract you enough that it ruined the event for you?

Or maybe worse yet, have you realized after an event that someone you thought was a complete stranger, who had initiated a conversation with you at the event, was really a person who had negatively affected your life and they knew it the whole time they were talking to you? Upon realizing what had transpired, were you totally ticked off that they had the gall, the audacity to try to make a fool of you? Did it give you the haunting feeling of being totally used and abused?

Not saying one way or another, but had either or both of those unfortunate situations happened to me, my answers would have to be, "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", and "Yes"!
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Knowledge + Timing = POWER
04.17.05 - 3:32 pm (CT)
"…at some point the "who" is going to be expecting to hear the "what" of it all…"
Some say "It's not what you know, but who you know", and "some" would be right in some cases, however in other (and maybe most) cases, the more you know the better off you are. Knowing just the "who" only gets you so far, because at some point the "who" is going to be expecting to hear the "what" of it all, which is going to put the "whatless" in the rather awkward position of exposing their "whatlessness" to the "who"… uh oh.

To avoid the "uh oh", it's important to know both the "who" and the "what", and to go one better, it would be very helpful to also know the "where", the "when", and the "why" to go along with the "who" and the "what", because, as some also say, "Knowledge is power" and "Timing is everything". Then, it's all a matter of the "how" you use all of that knowledge as to whether you succeed at any particular endeavor.

So, why do I bring this up at this particular moment in time? Well, in life as well as business, there are all sorts of games going on all of the time and sometimes your strategy includes just letting things happen, then being patient for the right time and place to use those things to your advantage… strategy, strategy, strategy.
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Accusations of Magniloquence
04.10.05 - 10:34 pm (CT)
Now she's done it, the Dictionary Diva, Peg of Peg's Picks, has accused me of: "In perusing your MindBlog Archives, I've noticed that you are, at times, quite magniloquent… congratulations!" Well, that just might or might not have been a fine how do you do, as I had to look the darn word up:

adjective: lofty in style

adjective: of imposing height; especially standing out above others
adjective: having or displaying great dignity or nobility
adjective: of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style

noun: how something is done or how it happens
noun: distinctive and stylish elegance

Definitions courtesy of OneLook® Dictionary Search.
Now that I've taken some time to think about it and checked with Peg as to whether she really meant it as a compliment and not a magniloquent jab, "lofty in style" is kind of nice and I do try to write at several grade levels above the eighth grade, which is what "some" recommend for the general population. As for who those "some" are, I don't really remember, but I read it somewhere that I considered worthy of my time. However, I don't agree with them, hence the tossing of the magniloquent gauntlet… thanks for the compliment, Peg!
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A new month, a new mind… April Fools
04.01.05 - 3:37 pm (CT)
I've been known to make-up my mind, change it, close it, open it, clear it; and I've adjusted my focus, gotten a new perspective, looked at things in a different light, but I don't ever remember tossing out the old one in favor of a brand new one. In fact, the old one works rather nicely, if I do say so myself, which I do, so no thank you on the new, I'll just keep using the old, tried-and-true one that I've been managing on for over a half of a century — besides, if ain't broke, don't fix (or replace) it.
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