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May 1 - 31, 2005

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

Life's unpleasantries and vindication
05.31.05 - 10:16 am (CT)
Where have I been for the last four weeks? Right here, busy dealing with some of life's unpleasantries that maybe at a later date I'll feel like talking about. However, at this moment in time, the MindBlog lady's ruby red lips are sealed, which brings me to: Peg of Peg's Picks has been somewhat vindicated by some of you who also thought my MindBlog logo lady was a bug. And after being led through her (and others) interpretation of the graphic, I can now see the bug, but I prefer not to.
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Graphic interpretation
05.02.05 - 10:13 am (CT)
Peg at Peg's Picks is at it again, last time she accused me of magniloquence, and this time, she has claimed that the lady I use for part of my MindBlog logo (just to the left of the word "MindBlog" at the top of this page) is really a BUG!!! Yes, I did say she thinks it's really some kind of bug hopping or flying over a red flower — a one-legged bug with a pile of antennae at that!

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I don't know about anyone else, but any way I look at that graphic, whether it's at 0º, 90º, 180º, or 270º, it still looks like a lady with red lips to me. However, since it is art, it is up for interpretation, but a BUG is really way, way out there, as I can't even see where she sees a bug in that very simple graphic. Well Peg, maybe there is someone else out there that has your same vision, if so, I'd like to hear about it, otherwise you're all by yourself on this one.
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May I?
05.01.05 - 7:17 am (CT)
May brings up the subject of the word "may"… versus the word "can". I may or may not do something, but a lot of times when I do, I like to say that I do whatever because I can — around MindBlog, it's about blogging, as in I blog because I can and I blog for several reasons, but mostly because I can. This might or might not all seem kind of silly to you, but to some as in Deb, the grammarian over at HelpQuest.net, or Peg, the Dictionary Diva at Peg's Picks, it could be a very big deal… no, it is a very big deal. And I may just ask for their opinions on this, because I can, but then I might not even though I could, however I probably won't, because I don't have to, as I'll probably hear from both of them on this anyway.
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