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October 1 - 31, 2006

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My very own place on a lake
10.31.06 - 9:27 pm (CT)
I think I may very well have found a lake to live on and I didn't have to go near as far as I thought I would have to, to find my very own lake house. It's a newer two bedroom with water on two sides, a beach next door, and a clubhouse with all sorts of amenities just across the way — I can boat, float, and maybe even fish to my heart's content practically right outside my door.

As luck would have it, I already know one of my "neighbors", because one of my clients lives on another chunk of this water haven. Even if I didn't know anyone, I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to make the acquaintance of many who probably live there for the same reasons that I would like to… it's beautiful and it's on the water.

Iím going back in the next few days to see it once more before I make an offer and if the sellers accept my offer, then Iíll be spending the next few weeks getting this place ready to sell, so I can move as soon as possible to my very own place on a lake!
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Nashville or bust???
10.12.06 - 7:49pm (CT)
Nashville or bust??? BUST!!! The airline cancelled my flight… definitely a bummer.
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10.12.06 - 8:59 am (CT)
I'm heading to Nashville for fun, frolic, and friviolities with my brother Steve and his family. It's just a quick getaway from my everyday life in rural America to another chunk of rural America north of Nashville. Maybe while I'm there I'll do some inadvertant stumping for my brother… Stephen Harper for Alderman, he has SharperViews for Ridgetop, Tennessee.
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Finding a lake to live on
10.07.06 - 7:11 pm (CT)
When I was a kid we had a cabin on a lake in northern Illinois and for two years we also had a house across the lake from our cabin, which is probably the reason that I love water. Although, come to think of it, I may just have been born with it, because when I was a little over one year old I fell — really walked — into the Kalamazoo River and my sister Peg, who was 12 years old at the time, saw me toddle into the water and dove in to save me. She said I wasn't scared at all, I was just floating downstream like a bobber. It may sound weird to some, but to this day when I am in water I have to work to go under, as I am a natural floater, I just lay back and almost half of me, right down to my toes, is above water… personally, I think it's kind of cool.

Also, I've always loved rain, especially a light one on a hot day, it is not only refreshing to me physically, but it refreshes my soul. I could watch water doing whatever it happens to be doing and find it soothing… gee, even a heavy rain is relaxing to me. In fact, my other sister, Deb (of HelpQuest.com, HelpQuest.net, and HelpQuestDomains.com), and I used to walk around in the rain when we were little (and not so little) kids… we'd laugh, goof, walk, run, I guess kind of like kids playing in a sprinkler, but playing in the rain was much more fun.

Anyway, for a number of years I have felt the need to move to a house on lake and am now actively looking for my water spot where I can live out the rest of my very long life. I don't know when or where I'll find a lake to live on, but I do know that when I see it, I'll know it, that it will call to me like clouds that show a promise of rain. Yes, Iím going to find my lake to live on, whether it is next week, or next year, or ten years from now…
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GoDaddy is my hosting company
10.01.06 - 9:50 am (CT)
Last month I said I'd tell you at a later date who was involved in the previously mentioned feat, well, now it is later… it was none other than GoDaddy. The people (and there really are real people who you can actually talk to) at GoDaddy are topnotch people who not only know what they are talking about, but also care about you and whatever you are calling (or emailing) them about. GoDaddy is a reputable company offering all sorts of domain services — domain registration, Web hosting, and more — at what may very well be the lowest price in the industry.

BTW, I do believe that GoDaddy provided the impetus for the huge drop in prices for domain registration way back when — it used to be that you had no choice but to pay the whopping $35.00 a year to register a domain, and had to put up with lousy service to boot. However, if you pay anywhere near that now, you must have money to burn and/or are a masochist, because GoDaddy offers its outstanding registrar services starting at well under $10.00 and its hosting services starting at under $5.00 a month. It's really a no-brainer, folks, pay less and get more, as well as outstanding service(s) from GoDaddy.

(Note: I do not get any money (or anything else) for this testimonial… I just believe that sometimes when someone does something good, they should be recognized for the good that they do.)
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