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 November 1 - 30, 2006

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How life flies
11.30.06 - 8:17 am (CT)
Gee, one day you're 26 and then the next thing you know, one of your kids is 26… how life flies! WOW, today Jon — my guy with a smile like a rainbow, with an eye for detail, with a heart so big I'm surprised it fits in his 6'5" body — is 26 years old… yes, how life does fly! So, here's a great BIG, high-flying MindBlog…

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Let me see, I was 26 in 1979 and already had son #1 who was twenty months old, which kept me pretty busy, so as for what else happened that year, it is pretty much a blur. Although, I am certain that keeping up with #1 did not stop me from yearning for #2, who was a full year away, because this Pageminder just loves being a Mom! And I do love being a Mom to my rainbow… smile little Jonny, because it's your birthday today!
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Peanuts from the peanut gallery
11.22.06 - 10:47 pm (CT)
Gee, a gal doesn't write something for 3 weeks and the peanut gallery starts tossing peanuts her way… well, it worked, it got my attention, and so here I sit contemplating what might interest the gallery. Wait, wait, wait, the tossing of peanuts reminds me of an incident a few (really more like 30+) years ago where I was asked to leave a certain establishment that had peanuts available for their customers. It seemed that, while they didn't mind peanut shells all over the floor, they did mind if you had, well, a friendly peanut fight with some nice young men. Go figure…
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Busy doing SEO
11.01.06 - 11:15 pm (CT)
I've been busy doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for an eCommerce site* that involves a new section of merchandise that just about doubles the site's size to the tune of 270+ pages. Just optimizing the new section is a big enough job, but when you figure in that every page on the whole site will need some tweaking when I'm done, it makes it a really BIG job. SEO is very time consuming work… considering that, if I'm on a roll, I can do 2 - 3 pages an hour, we're talking 50 or so hours to do the optimizing and then throw in another 20 - 30 hours to make the changes to the rest of the site.

Also, in this case, it is a tad more difficult due to the pages' content already being in place when I was brought in to the project, which is not the ideal way to approach SEO, but, as with so many things, it is better late than never. The last time I optimized this site, the hits and sales for the optimized pages measurably increased soon after I got them online, so the owner is hoping for a repeat performance from this new section. Well then, let's hope along with him that my SEO skills are as sharp as ever, so I get another call for an encore and am asked to take a bow for my stellar performance.
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* NOTE: Oh me oh my, how could I have been so, uh, whatever, the abovementioned site is none other than Camz Retro, Inc. where Scott Cameron sells all things retro. Jukeboxes, radios, vintage slot machines, vending machines, telephones, clocks, neon signs, neon lights, and turntables — if you need a unique or unusual gift for any occasion, then Camz is THE place to shop. — JW - 11.30.07  Back up to where you were

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