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 January 1 - 31, 2007

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"Who is that?" It's my hero
01.31.07 - 8:11 am (CT)
James R. Harper, My brother, My Hero
James R. Harper
My Brother, My Friend, My Hero

"Who is that?" was what my brother Jim asked when sending us, as in his brothers and sisters, his latest bit of Jim-style comical relief, a picture of himself wearing a fedora that is just like the one our Dad wore. I was only ten when my Dad died, but I'd like to think that each of my brothers is in some way like our Dad, however, Jim is the one who most looks like him, so the hat suits him perfectly.

Jim is the kind of guy you can count on to be there for you no matter what, although he's also the kind of guy who will let you know, that even though he is there for you, he may very well not agree with what you have done. If you want some good, common sense, down to earth truth, ask Jim, because that's what Jim gives… he gives his all to those that he loves and cares about.

He was there for me when my life was falling apart and, the good man that he is, he not only helped me to put my life (and myself) back together again, but also helped me to put it all in perspective. When I needed a protector, he was like a sentinel standing at the door — he quite literally looked out for my physical, as well as mental, well-being. He was my rock, as well as my soft place to land in the crisis that was my life — as far as men go, he's one of the best, so who is that? It's Jim… hes my brother, my friend, and my hero.
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In this time, real time
01.27.07 - 7:49 am (CT)
It's Saturday and I'm off, so what to do with myself is the question of the hour. In "another time" I might have done a lot of things, but in this time, real time, there are all the things that don't get done otherwise, like cleaning, laundry, and, I almost hesitate to mention it, putting away the last of the Christmas decorations.

I am down to the little things, the knickknacks and such that just haven't made their way to the basement, into their storage boxes, and then to their spot in the crawlspace. As I'm doing my laundry today, I will do just that, with each trip down to "flip a load", I'll cart an armload and put everything away in chunks, small chunks. That's the way I've always handled seemingly insurmountable tasks, the ones that when you look at the whole pile you just want to maybe get a cup of tea, sit down, and then do nothing.

Instead of having a "Woe is me" tea party, I just start with whatever is on top of that pile and work my way down, sometimes slowly but surely, to no pile at all. As for how long it may take me to get down to nothing, well, at this point in time, I have only me to be accountable to, and I think I can handle myself. If not, then I can always count on family and friends (in high places) to give me the, uh, motivation to get myself in gear to do whatever needs to be done.
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Passing thoughtless
01.19.07 - 11:00 pm (CT)
I have been sitting here thinking and just realized that I am passing thoughtless, that I do not have a single thought that I care to pass along. Obviously I have thoughts, thoughts of things that I would like to say, but probably shouldn't or just plain won't say, so I am keeping those precious and not-so-precious thoughts to myself. You're welcome and have a nice day… tomorrow and, what the heck, the day after that, too!
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New beginnings are nice
01.12.07 - 7:43 am (CT)
Someone recently told me that new beginnings are nice, and they are. It's like the sun coming up over the horizon showing the dawn of a whole new day. Whether one bothers to ponder what that new day will bring, or chooses instead to just enjoy the view, is a personal choice — I usually choose to do both.

"It's like the sun coming up over the horizon showing the dawn of a whole new day."
Life is about choices, you can choose to live it and enjoy it, or just to survive it. For quite some time I was in survival mode, but that time has passed and now, well, I am choosing to live and enjoy it… whatever comes my way. Like my mother, I am choosing to brighten whatever corner I happen to be on and am very thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Even though there are clouds in life, I think my grandmother said it best in a college graduation note to me, "Life may not always be sunny but remember there is sunshine after the clouds" — W.G. Harper, 05.24.1973. Thanks Grandma and Mom for giving me a truly Heavenly perspective on life, it has made all the difference in this life… and for the next.
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Reading in my last New Year in Manhattan
01.01.07 - 6:25 pm (CT)
Normally, I'm asleep when the New Year rolls around, but last night I was reading the second of three novels that I've read in the last few days when the clock struck twelve. I stopped reading as the fireworks and shotgun blasts went off in and around little Manhattan, and danced to the music coming from somewhere, as I made my way out on my backyard deck to enjoy the light show. It is probably the last fireworks display (especially from private citizens) that I'll watch from that deck, which is a shame, but that's the way it goes.

It goes that way because the town is growing and with that growth comes some new people who, when trying to escape where they used to live, sometimes drag the worst of what they left with them. Manhattan is so inviting to newcomers because of the way it is (or was) before some of these people came, however upon their arrival, they want to make it more like what they were used to. Gee, if that's what they really wanted, they should have just stayed where they were, but how could they, especially after they had changed the last place more to their liking, which essentially succeeded in ruining it?

When I moved here over a decade ago, I, too, came to escape the lousiness of suburbia, but when I came, I didn't want to change a thing, I just wanted to enjoy the peace, quiet, and freedom of rural, small town America. And I did enjoy it for a number of years, but now, well, the lousiness (and cost) of suburbia is creeping in and, with that, I am looking to escape it before it overwhelms me. So, tomorrow I'm traipsing west and south of here to look for a new place to call home.

I may not end up getting my place on a lake… (YET), but I am determined to again find, at the very least, the peace, quiet, and freedom that I found when I first moved to Manhattan… or, quite frankly, why bother to move at all? I am bothering, hoping that the bother will include a lake, but if it doesn't, then I'll just consider it an interim move and bother again when I have found my lake home to enjoy for the rest of my very, long life.
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