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 February 1 - 28, 2007

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Hope springs eternal
02.28.07 - 10:00 pm (CT)
The other day I spent the entire afternoon partying… with Hope, it was her first birthday — the big O N E — and family and friends were there to help her celebrate. She, of course, was cute as can be while entertaining her guests with walking, talking, and playing — it was a joy to watch, because with Hope comes joy and that leaves this grandma with Hope that springs eternal. Happy Birthday to my "sweet everythings"!

A total aside, but it's amazing how many friends a one-year-old can have.
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Getting up early to write
02.16.07 - 7:49 am (CT)
I've started getting up early to write… I have a two-alarm clock, so the first alarm is set for 4:30 am, which is a very good time to write, and the second is set for 7:30 am, which is for days when I'm taking the early morning off to rest. I had no idea when I started MindBlog that it would be practice for the rest of my life, especially since, as a kid, I hated writing much of anything, preferring to just say what I thought, which, no surprise here, tended to get me into trouble.

However, it was that trouble that started me writing with, at first, letters of apology for mostly something I had said, but sometimes it was for something I had done. In third grade, I was put into an advanced writing group called "Let's Write", but I hated it, so I wrote a paper on how much I hated it and was sent back to regular class. Then in fourth grade, I wanted to avoid speaking in front of the class, so I asked to go back to the advanced writing group, which they let me do.

At about the same time, my teacher had us writing to pen pals from, well, I forget where, plus we had moved between second and third grades, so I was not only writing to some kid I didn't know, but also to friends I had left behind. I remember telling one friend in a letter that someday I was going to be President of the United States, which I later decided was pretty much just childhood folly… Although I would make a darn good one if I could muster up enough members for my "Common Sense Party" to change the election night map from red and blue to a nice shade of purple… lilac would be good, I love lilacs.

In senior year of high school, I wrote a paper for the sole purpose of getting out of a grammar class that the school had decided every student needed to pass before graduating. I didn't like the idea of wasting my time taking a class that I had already passed by virtue of the dreaded English classes I had been taking for the previous eleven years. So, I bet the teacher that I could write the perfect paper and if I did, he would let me out of the class, and if I didn't, then I'd stay in his class and learn everything he thought I needed to know about grammar. He thought me silly and agreed, which proved who the silly one was, because nine sentences later, I was out of the class.

Then there were all of those "Letters to the Editor" I wrote on various subjects in the late 1970's and early 1980's before, because of the family business, the ex-husband thought I should stop writing. He thought it might affect the business if a client thought he was dealing with a traditional conservative (or, if you're living anywhere else but the USA, liberal). Little did he know, but traditional conservatives are pro-business, however, as it turns out there are an awful lot of lefties with HUGE bucks also, but they usually don't own their own businesses, so it may or may not have been a wash.

Anyway, at some point in the not-too-distant future I hope to be a published writer, offline, on a shelf, preferably on the bestseller display in the store window of a bookstore near you. I have picked out two pennames, as for whether I'll use those or my own depends on the subject of the book and, quite frankly, what I feel like using at the time. No matter what name I use, you all will know it's me because some of what I have written here will be used in my books. So, if you read a familiar phrase or paragraph in a book or even just recognize my writing style, then my word, buy the book, heck, buy several and give them as gifts to whomever you think could benefit from my experiences.
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One year and I still miss her
02.10.07 - 8:12 am (CT)
"Without even knowing it, she dared to be different, to be unique…"
It's been one year since my sister Peg passed away and I still miss her… in fact, I'll always miss her — she was my best friend and confidante, she was my life advisor and role model, and she was quite possibly the most unique person I have ever known. Without even knowing it, she dared to be different, to be unique — if she were here, she would of course argue with me on this, but she would be wrong (for once) and I would be right. So, in honor of the daring uniqueness she didn't know she had, I hope you will all join me later today, say 6:00 pm (CST), in lifting a frosted glass of ice cold Pepsi® to her memory!
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Dare to be different, be unique
02.06.07 - 8:48 am (CT)
I've never been the same as others, but then, really, none of us are, it's just that most just want to blend in, want to have a camaraderie with their compatriots, so they succumb to group mentality, group think. I've never really fit into one specific group — partly by accident and partly by design — however, I didn't realize it until I was raising my kids, that I have dared to be different, to be unique, to be one of a kind.

Sure, I went with some trends, like in the 1960's with long bangs hanging in my over-eyelinered eyes, bellbottoms, and rock and roll, but those are relatively harmless things compared to the serious stuff that was going on at the time. I could have succumbed to the hippie mentality of drugs and, well, other, um, lifestyle choices, but I didn't, because I didn't want to. I picked those things that I liked, that I felt comfortable with, and ignored, as best as I could, the rest.

It wasn't easy as a kid to be my own person and, oddly enough (or not), as an adult, a married adult, to maintain my own personal standards, principles if you will, but I managed in the end to, with a few admitted setbacks, remain true to myself, to who I really am. There were times that others had no idea that I wasn't going along with their program, but I knew I wasn't, and that is all that mattered.

Yes, just like I encouraged my kids to do as they were growing up, I dared to be different, I dared to be unique… come to think of it, I didn't really realize it until this very moment, but, in one way or another, I have been on "The Road Not Taken" for as long as I can remember, and that has made all the difference in this unique person's life.
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The seasons of our lives, they just happen
02.04.07 - 10:04 am (CT)
Last week I was telling someone a little about my life and mentioned that other than one year when I lived in Wisconsin, I had spent my entire life living in Illinois. I wanted them to know my choice of living location said more about me than just where I happened to live, it revealed something about how I lived my life, not just where I lived it, so I explained a little further.

"I like living where there are four real seasons if for no other reason than its a change of pace that takes absolutely no effort on my part for it to occur. It's kind of like the seasons of our lives, they just happen." — Jeane Wade 01.25.07
Yes, there are some things that we have absolutely no control over, they just happen, and, whether we like it or not, that's part of what makes life interesting.

When my youngest son went off to college, he told me that it must make me sad to have the last kid leaving home. I told him that's not the way I looked at it, I looked at it as I had done a good job in the "Mom Phase" of my life and was now moving on to the next phase. He thought about it for a moment and then smiled, and so did I, because life is all about perspective and, from my perspective, I had done a darn good job of raising my boys to be men.

Have a nice day… and enjoy the game!
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Almost Groundhog Day, but not quite
02.01.07 - 7:57 am (CT)
It's almost Groundhog Day, but not quite, which in the big picture of things… means absolutely nothing.

Note (maybe to self): Profundity is one of my strong suits, which may or may not be apparent with this little bloglet.
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