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 May 1 - 31, 2007

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Getting all my names out there… a little personal SEO
05.31.07 - 7:50 am (CT)
It might have been last week that I was chatting it up with my brothers and sister about spotting Steve's name — S. Harper (as in the one with SharperViews for Ridgetop, Tennessee) — in a ClassMates.com email. He had just posted a new picture there, so they had him listed with others who had done the same. I thought maybe the others (of us) had missed the announcement, so I sent them the link. In the ensuing email exchange it came up about whether any of us were paid members with those of us who were, saying that they wanted to be able to be found by, and then communicate with, old friends.

I, being me, said I didn't need to pay to be found, because all someone who was interested in finding me had to do to find me was to Google me and up would pop one of my sites with plenty of contact info. Well, my oldest brother Phil was quick to check it out and indeed I was covered for various forms of my name, but with the one glaring omission of my maiden name, Jeane Harper, which is the name most from high school or college would use to try to find me… oops. I thanked Phil for the point counterpoint, letting him know that I would remedy that posthaste with a little personal search engine optimization (SEO) here at MindBlog:

Jeane Harper graduated from Rich East High School in Park Forest, Illinois (Class of 1971) and Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, IL (Class of 1973), where her friends knew that her name was spelled JEANE, not JEAN, JEANNE, JEANIE, JEANNIE, and certainly not GENE or GENIE — she was born Jeane Marie Harper and they knew it. They also knew that she was planning on marrying her high school sweetheart, which would change her name to Jeane Marie Harper Wade (or Jeane Marie Wade, or Jeane Harper Wade, or just Jeane Wade). Her close friends knew that she did indeed marry the man whose last name was Wade, and her very closest friends also knew that she divorced him 30 years later, but kept her married name for a variety of reasons.

Now, let's see how well that little bit of personal SEO works… give it a month or so, and anyone who knew me when or now will be able to find me on the Web with most any search engine. As for which of me will respond, well, that is up for grabs… heck, depending on who it is, I may decide not to respond at all.
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Drivel over the dam of life
05.26.07 - 11:06 pm (CT)
I'd ask where has all of the time gone, but I know right where it went, it went, not into writing MindBlog, but into first writing the priest who granted the annulment (for a measly $750 or less, I might add… cheap favors from Father Tapella) and then writing a personal plea to Pope Benedict XVI. I wrote the priest to request that the annulment be appealed, not to the Chicago Diocese, where I imagine it would be rather quickly rubberstamped, but to the Vatican, where the odds of the appeal being decided in my favor are, well, much more in my favor. As for my plea to the Pope, it was a rather impassioned one for his personal assistance in my appeal of the annulment to the Roman Rota.

Beyond the annulment, I've been working a lot, in fact WAY TOO MUCH, but have still managed to continue to look for a new place to call home. The working is just work, something to fill my time and to make money to pay my bills. Tomorrow I finish a two-week stretch of solid work, which will only be broken because the restaurant is not open on Monday due to Memorial Day. However, next weekend will be spent in the St. Louis area, where there is a bridal tea for my sister Peg's youngest daughter. On the way there I will be stopping in southern Illinois for a look at a lake home or three — maybe more, maybe less — that if I like any of them enough, and think that I can find a decent job down there, I might very well buy and make it my new home… my new lake home. If not, I'll just keep looking.

All of this is just so much drivel over the dam of life, but the damming of this is that it is my drivel and it is my life…
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OUTRAGE times 30
05.01.07 - 11:00 pm (CT)
The more I think about what Father Tapella at the Joliet Diocese Matrimonial Tribunal said was his reason — Lack of Due Discretion — for granting my ex-husband's request to annul our 30-year marriage, the more OUTRAGED I become! How dare he say that I should have known 10 - 15 years before the fact that the ex would choose to become an abusive, perverted, dirty old man! Does he make a habit of blaming the victim when it suits his purpose?

Does he blame the woman who gets raped for not knowing better than to somehow manage to entice her rapist? Or, a lot closer to home, does he blame the kids (or their parents) for the sexual abuse by pedophilic priests, of which the Joliet Diocese had a number? According to Father Tapella's screwed up logic, we are all to blame, we all should have known better! If one were to apply his "logic" to the sexual abuse cases in the Diocese itself, well, the Diocese should have known those men would somewhere down the road sexually abuse children and refused to let them become priests in the first place!
Note: Once those priests showed pedophilic tendencies, they should have been removed from the priesthood forthwith, and if they had acted on those tendencies, the police should have been called without a moment's hesitation! The Diocese should not have hidden their dirty (filthy) laundry — they should have hung it, and those priests, out to dry where all could see.
Since the priest's reason for granting the annulment is totally without logic… well, me thinks Father Tapella is suffering from a severe case of "Lack of Due Discretion", me thinks I smell a rat, possibly a money rat, or maybe even a free architectural work rat… or maybe just a good old Catholic boys club rat. No matter what kind of rat it is, a rat is still a rat, a vermin, and it's a vermin that, once it affects me, is to be sought out and destroyed. So, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the Roman Rota and the Pope I go… and I'm going to finish writing "the book"… yes, the truth will set me free!
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