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 November 1 - 30, 2007

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

27 years of Jon
11.30.07 - 2:20 pm (CT)
Another year has passed, so it's that time again to wish my guy with the rainbow smile a great BIG MindBlog…

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My pick WINS on Dancing With The Stars
11.27.07 - 10:58 pm (CT)
Last night was the first time I voted and, not that my five votes put him over the top, my pick of Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves with his partner, professional ballroom dancer Julianne Hough, WON the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With The Stars!!!

I was truly impressed with Helio's transformation from a non-dancing professional race car driver to a winning ballroom dancer, which in part is thanks to his pro dance partner who taught him all the moves he needed to take home the trophy. However, what she could not teach him was what he was obviously born with and that is natural dance talent… in other words, she taught him the moves, but he had to make his body move that way to win.

Plus, let's be honest here ladies, it is harder for the guys to win, because they have to lead, which means they have to kind of really know what they are doing. I know some of you will say that since it is so well rehearsed that they don't really HAVE to lead, that it can all be done from memory, which is true BUT the judges would know if they weren't leading. Anyway, yellow hats off to Helio Castroneves for another winning performance, not on the track, but on the dance floor.
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Resumes against the wall
11.21.07 - 4:13 pm (CT)
If you throw a handful of resumes against the wall, statistically speaking, just how many will stick to that proverbial wall? Or contemplate this… are your chances better if you throw a similar handful of resumes to the wind, then wait for them to land wherever, and see if any sprout a decent job offer? Having a logical mind, I'd say the chances of success are better with the somewhat targeted throw at a chosen wall — I do believe that is called targeted marketing, or something like that, I know I'm very close on that one, and if not, well, no biggie.

NOTE TO SELF: Logically thinking, this reasoning should work on just about whatever you wanted to toss.

AN ASIDE TO NOTE TO SELF: Is "logically thinking" redundant? No, there's a whole lot of thinking going on that has absolutely no logic involved whatsoever. I'm okay, you're possibly okay, but the chances of us all being okay are way below slim.

FUN PASSING THOUGHT TO SELF: The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind.
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Coincidences in life? I may think not
11.20.07 - 2:46 pm (CT)
Lately there have been just too many coincidences to even consider that some of them, let alone all of them, are coincidental. Not that I'm going to give you a list — I don't have a list, and even if I did, I'd probably forget to use it… kind of like coupons at the grocery store — although I might mention one or two things that might be on a list, if I had one that is.

Okay, here's one: I met a guy who owns three restaurants and I managed one — not one of his — which by itself is really nothing, but there's more. This guy is also almost a counselor (as in, a licensed one, well, as soon as he takes and passes the exam) whose been doing his internship counseling those with alcohol and drug dependencies. Well, his first name is the same as someone very close to me whose special friend is also interning to be a counselor, PLUS I just started minding the website of the Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues*. There's more, but really, why go on and on…

"… I make no apologies, but actually applaud myself for my mind blathering on about it all."
Previously, I'd had a similar passing thought on coincidences not be coincidences at all, as for whether any of this particular thought qualifies… well, maybe, but probably not. It's more likely I've made more of this than I should, by taking a bunch of seemingly dissimilar occurrences and linking them together to make basically, something out of absolutely nothing. If that is what I have done here today, then I make no apologies, but actually applaud myself for my mind blathering on about it all. And that is not coincidental at all, because here at MindBlog I pretty much do whatever I feel like doing at the moment, simply because I can.
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In a FUNK????
11.14.07 - 2:32 pm (CT)
Okay, that does it, I bare my innermost passing thoughts and then am promptly accused of being in a FUNK! Well, I'd say, "I never", but I have, so I won't, gee, you'd think, no you better not think, because that's what got this response… no don't stop thinking and never stop caring… thanks D, I needed that.

Handily to you my good and thoughtful friend!
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Breathe in, breathe out
11.13.07 - 9:36 pm (CT)
Sometimes life just barely drags by… by a thread, and it's then that, just to get to the next moment or hour or day, you have to tell yourself, "Breathe in, breathe out, right foot, left foot." It's a mechanical way to manage to continue living while life basically sucks — it's not my favorite way to live my life, but it does do till things pick up, which they always do.
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In memory of my dear friend's son
11.03.07 - 5:53 pm (CT)
  Nicholas Clement Nagel — 05/08/79 - 10/31/07
Nicholas C. Nagel
1979 -2007
05/08/79 - 10/31/07

First and foremost Nick Nagel was Karen's son, her youngest son. Being the youngest son meant he was also a little brother. He was an ex-Marine, honorably discharged after serving initially as a White House guard, then called to the World Trade Center as part of the first response team on 9/11, and finally sent to Afghanistan. He lived, he fought at home, he fought abroad, he lived some more, and then Nicholas Clement Nagel died… another sad case of the good dying young, way too young. Semper Fi.

Memorials may be made in the name of Nicholas C. Nagel to the Peotone, IL American Legion Post 392.
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Brotherly love solves problem
11.02.07 - 5:24 pm (CT)
Wonders never do cease, my brother Phil wasted no time in pointing out that there is nothing wrong with my 130th Birthday Bash Countdown, that it was functioning as intended on his computer, that "Obviously Steve is the problem." Can you feel the love… the brotherly love? I know I can, I can just feel the big air hug from big brother in Florida all the way to little brother in Tennessee. It brings a warm fuzzy feeling that just can't help but bring a smile to this little sister's face.

Well, all that love got brother Steve thinking on the problem and, lo and behold, he figured it out using his big-time AS400 computer programmer brain. Gee, in his very own words:
"I figured it out :-)

"I tried it on my laptop computer and had the same problem, but then... It clicked.... I am using Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer. When I bring it up with IE, it works just fine.

"So the problem is, that the JavaScript doesn't work as it should with Mozilla.

"There ya have it..."
Feeling the love all the way up here in Manhattan got me to thinking about where and when I'd saved the original countdown code, so I searched and found it in an email I'd sent myself on November 01, 2002. Very conveniently I had copied not only the code, but also the specification summary with the URL for Mr. Suter's "Variable Countdown":
... This script counts down how many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to go until a special time you designate.

•System Requirements: MSIE ...

Source: http://webdeveloper.earthweb.com/webjs/item/0,,12751_102291,00.html
As you can see, Mr. Suter plainly stated his code was only for Internet Explorer, which means kudos go to both Phil and Steve: Phil for pointing out that Steve had the problem and Steve for then figuring out what his problem was. So, good job guys, come on, time for a great big MindBlog HUG… ah, brotherly love, there's almost nothing like it… well, except for sisterly love, right Deb?!
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A "hmmm" to the 130th Birthday Bash Countdown
11.01.07 - 3:37 pm (CT)
Well folks, there may (or may not) be a problem with the 130th Birthday Bash Countdown. The correct number of years until my 130th birthday bash (in Tahiti I might add) is 75, which is as it appears on whatever computer I look at. However, on my brother Steve's computer it shows (incorrectly... gee, that's obvious) as 1975!!!

1975… well, I was going to comment on the year, but come to think of it, I won't, instead I'll try to stay on point. Let's see, I was born in 1953, add 130 to that and you have 2083, then subtract 2007 leaving you with 76, but but but, my birthday has already passed this year, so it's not a full 76, which makes it 75+. Thank you Mathematics 101. OOPS, slightly off point from where I was really going with this, which is:
  1. Is anyone else experiencing this same JavaScripting anomaly where 19 centuries are added to the countdown?
  2. Does anyone have any knowledgeable thoughts on the reason the script is screwing up on Steve's computer?
I thank you all for staying with me on this… and a special thank you in advance to the all those (who think they know it all) stepping up to the plate with their passing thoughts as to the anomaly's cause.
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* NOTE: The Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues is an organization made up of non-profit and government agencies in the greater Will County area of Illinois. Its mission "is to maintain a network of publicly and privately funded treatment and community based prevention providers offering the highest quality services in the geographical area. Through collaboration and education, the SWC stays abreast of current issues in the substance abuse field and advocates for sound public policy among local, state and national policy makers."  Back up to where you were

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