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 January 1 - 31, 2008

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Driving for four hours just to go 50 miles
01.31.08 - 9:39 pm (CT)
I just got home… it's snowing… a lot of people must have left the same time as I did… or maybe a little before me, because they all seemed to be on the road ahead of me… sometimes moving and sometimes not. It was a 50-mile drive that normally would have taken me an hour and fifteen minutes to drive at that time of day, but today I spent over an hour just going the 3 miles to get on the expressway. Then the next 14 miles took another hour, which left two hours to cover the last 33 miles — all in all, for the whole trip I averaged the almost non-speed of 12.5 mph.

If you were one of those on the road thinking I should have gone faster, then just go away, as I could only go as fast as the cars in front of me. Tomorrow is another day, one where I have to drive the same fifty miles there and back, so if you didn't like my driving today, then take tomorrow off. Thank you and PLEASE enjoy your three-day weekend.
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Students "ultimate steal" MS Office® 2007 for only $59.95!
01.19.08 - 10:17 pm (CT)
  From Microsoft, TheUltimateSteal.com, and HelpQuestDomains.com: Get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for only $59.95! Students get the Ultimate Steal! Hurry offer ends April 30, 2008!
STUDENTS, what a deal Microsoft has for you: as long as you have a current .edu email address and are enrolled in at least a .5 credit class, you can download Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for just $59.95 ($72.90 with back-up DVD)! The MSRP for this MS Office Suite software is $679.00, so even with the back-up DVD's it's still a savings of $606.10!

I found out about this "Steal Deal" from Deb at HelpQuest Domains — she was so downright accommodating that she searched out the link and sent it to me, all because I wanted to sign up for an MS Excel® class and needed the proper software in order to do so. And it didn't hurt that she's my sister extraordinaire who not only helps her baby sister when called upon, but also most anyone… of course, others pay for her services, but then, come to think of it, in one way or another, so do I.

MS Office Ultimate 2007 - The Ultimate Steal comes complete with:
  • Access™ 2007*
  • Accounting Express 2007
  • Excel® 2007
  • Groove® 2007
  • InfoPath® 2007
  • OneNote® 2007
  • Outlook® 2007 with Business Contact Manager*
  • PowerPoint® 2007
  • Publisher 2007
  • Word 2007
*Accounting Express 2007 and Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 is a separate download

In this case, the old saying about if something "sounds too good to be true…" definitely does not apply, because this is a real deal from Microsoft… it is "The Ultimate Steal" with help from HelpQuest Domains**! The offer ends April 30, 2008, so hurry up and buy it today!

BTW, if you're not a student, it might just be worth your while to sign up for a class just so you could take advantage of this offer.
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FREE how-to videos (and widget for your website)
01.12.08 - 6:29 pm (CT)
free how-to videos

Find more how-to videos:
Powered by SuTree
Recently, Joseph Maaravi, the "founder of the world's leading aggregator of instructional videos and a growing knowledge community", SuTree.com, contacted me suggesting I check out his site to see if it was something I'd like to pass on to you here at MindBlog. Well, I always check out a link before I blow someone off with a reminder as to what is MindBlog's Linking Policy, which basically is: if I like your site enough to blog about it, then you get a link at MindBlog Links. Well, it would appear that Mr. Maaravi and his website offering FREE how-to videos is in, because after watching several videos I liked it well enough to tell you about it. Plus it didn't hurt that he had a FREE widget for use on other websites.

Even though I chose to have my widget display only videos about computer technologies, there are numerous categories and sub-categories from which to choose. From brain games to everyday advice to food & drink to games to home & garden to religion & spirituality to video games to wheels and more. Beyond choosing the content of the widget, you can also choose what-appears-to-be six different colors, so you ought to be able to find one that suits your site and its color scheme. BTW, I almost chose for the widget to display randomly from all categories, but I decided against it mostly because MindBlog is really supposed to be "a Web developer's journal with Web-related commentary and links"… I guess you could say I decided on a theme widget.

Oops, I almost forgot, I pretty much left the widget code alone except for: formatting it from one line of code to what I like to see when I'm looking at code; adding the attribute tags
target="_blank"   and   title="link's description"
to force the links to open in a new window (need to keep your users at your site) and to tell the user where the link goes; and changing the wording of the last link.

Anyway, go enjoy the SuTree.com website and if you find particular videos that are of so great an interest to you that you feel you must share, then let me know and I may make a list of them here at MindBlog.
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De-stressifying one's life
01.09.08 - 8:44 pm (CT)
This isn't about me — at least this time it isn't — although I could write a book (now there's a thought) on the subject, and all of it from personal experience. No, this time it's about a guy I know who practically gave us all a heart attack when it was reported to us (not the royal "us" mind you) that said guy may have had one, a heart attack that is. After a trip to the emergency room and numerous pokes, prods, and tests, it was determined his heart was fine — boffo in fact — but his nerves were on their last endings… he was stressed out almost to the max, so the doctor ordered him to de-stressify* his life.

Well, I'm no doctor, but I have "been there, done that", so maybe I qualify as a self-appointed expert on de-stressifying one's life, which leads me to my unsolicited advice for this guy:
  • Start small — one thing at a time — taking just one thing you have total control over that you can just quit doing or bothering yourself with… I started with not coloring my hair anymore (to the consternation of the ex, but I digress). I suggest that you do not, I repeat, do not just stop doing everything all at once — it's kind of like introducing new foods to an infant, start slowly with one thing at a time to see how each affects the system.
  • Work your way up to the big stuff — stuff like extra tasks at work, or being on a committee, or volunteer work, or even jobs at home. Get yourself "people" to do all that you don't really enjoy or want to do and remember, just because someone thinks that only they can do a particular job, doesn't make it so… no one is indispensable, including you, which is why there are vice presidents. In fact, more than likely there are a number of people who can do it just as well or better, and one of them can step up to the plate when the need presents itself… and if not, it must not have been that important in the first place.
  • When you have yourself down to a manageable amount of things that you enjoy doing, then don't take on anything else. I used to tell whomever that I had three kids in three different schools and that I couldn't possibly take on whatever it was they wanted me to do. And rather than doing everything around the house myself, I started hiring someone else to do it when I couldn't get anyone else at home to do it… fast enough or not at all. I figured if they really didn't want me spending the money to pay someone else to do it, they would certainly get right to whatever needed to be done.
What it all comes down to is similar to my own criteria for how to pick my battles, which in this guy's case comes down to: Is whatever is stressing you out really important enough (in the big picture of life) that it's worth having a heart attack over? Probably not, so stop it then.
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I'm trying my darnedest to make it happen
01.06.08 - 10:34 am (CT)
The lakeview, I'm trying my darnedest to make it happen, which I'm hoping is just a matter of figuring out the logistics and then doing whatever I need to do to get there. I thought it might have been a tad easier than it looks like it's going to be, but… but… but, like The Little Engine That Could, I just need to find my way from "I think I can" to "I know I can", and then just do it. I feel kind of like that saying on my son, Jon's t-shirt, "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!"

Well, in all actuality I am taking up too much space, as I still have all of that stuff I thought I'd have spent last year disposing of in one way or another. I get inspired to haul stuff out of here and then it only gets so far before I lose steam (we're back to that "Little Engine"). For the longest time I had neither the time nor the energy to haul much of anything, but now when I definitely have the time, it seems that I lack, not the energy, but the inspiration, or maybe the drive, to follow through, which is where I hope the lakeview comes into play.

I was just thinking about the meaning of "living on the edge" and have decided that for different people it most likely means different things. While Jon's "edge" is skydiving, someone else's could be anything from a recluse throwing a big party to a little kid climbing a tree for the first time, and my "edge" could certainly be moving away to live my dream… yes, I am looking at one of life's edges (for me that is), and certainly hope I won't be taking up too much space when I realize it.
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I may be looking at a lakeview
01.04.08 - 9:01 am (CT)
I've been going on for quite some time about wanting to live on a lake, well, the time may be (almost) now, because due to employment possibilities in another location, I may very well be able to at least view the lake from my front window! And if all goes well in the next year, I may be able to sit myself on my very own beach on the lakefront of the lake that has been calling me home for a number of decades! Sometime in the next month I should know for sure whether it's all going to happen, whether everything will fall into its proper place, but until then I have tremendous hope that it will.
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Should auld acquaintance be forgot?
01.01.08 - 10:23 am (CT)
"Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?" Yeah, sure, some of them should, for any number of reasons, but, as usual, that is easier said than done in some instances. The keyword there is "instances" because it's easier to forget things or people that were there for only an instant, as for the rest, it's a new year, so out with the old and in with the new… people, places, things — I wish for you the same I wish for myself, which is whatever my heart desires that moves me onward to my future!
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* Note: Just like the words pissifying and sissifying, de-stressifying, even though it should be, is not a word, but just like the formers, the latter is referenced all over the Net. In fact, there is the DIY "Urban Dictionary" that lists it and its definition:
Verb: When you are stressed and want to relax you… relax which leads to destressifying.
I like that definition, it's simple and to the point… I know it's really not a definition in the true sense of the word, but hey, it's not a real word, so who cares — I suppose you could change it if you wanted or maybe add your own definition to the list — besides, like so many things in life, it will do.  Back up to where you were

** Note: HelpQuestDomains.com brought this deal to my attention, so it's only right that I should have you use their affiliate link to The Ultimate Steal download for Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. In other words, if you use the link and end up purchasing the product, HelpQuest Domains will make a few bucks.  Back up to where you were

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