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 February 1 - 29, 2008

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7 to 3, 5 of 7
02.29.08 - 6:43 pm (CT)
This being Leap Year, I had an extra day to finish out the month, which worked out well, because I needed it to do this, that, and the other. As some of you already know, I have a new full-time interest of sorts, which sucks up a lot of my time and energy… if I could make it just doing Web, I would, but I can't, so it's "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go". It's a real "dog" of a job, but is really the "cat's meow", plus I like it and it pays the bills, so I more than willingly go off to a 7 to 3, 5 of 7.

It's a bit of a trek, but I take the usual drive time as quiet time, which, especially on the way there, is relatively easy, because at 5:00 am there aren't near as many people on the road. Then, if I make it out somewhat on time, the bulk of commuters haven't even made it out of the office before I'm past the crunch areas. Hopefully, this spring I will get my house on the market and sold, so I can buy something close to my cat and dog job, and if not, well then, I'll just keep commuting.
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Babbling on about nothing
02.18.08 - 10:14 pm (CT)
Sometimes you just have to babble on about nothing, which, much to others' chagrin, I have done on a number of occasions. There was the time I seriously considered absolutely nothing and I managed to carry on about nothing for four whole paragraphs. That was much ado about nothing, but I guess it wasn't enough, because later I spoke of more drivel about absolutely nothing, although that time there was really something there, it's just that you had to know me well enough to figure out what I wasn't saying. Last February, I pointed out how it being almost Groundhog Day meaning absolutely nothing, which, at the time, I thought was a point well taken. Ah, but my favorite may very well have been the time I explained how I use "blah" to fill empty space, nothingness, if you will. Yes, it all seems to be a whole lot of babble about absolutely nothing, well, unless you know about the nothing I said nothing about.
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All dressed up and not going anywhere
02.12.08 - 10:31 am (CT)
Yesterday it was cold, but not too cold, and I was leaving later in the morning, so no biggie on auto start ability, right? Right, but if once your car starts, you can't shift it out of park, well, you aren't going anywhere, and so I went nowhere. Then the tow truck took 5-1/2 hours to get here, so I guess it was a darn good thing that my car was stuck in park in my garage, which means I stayed warm and cozy in my home. As for why the tow guy took so long to come, well, between the (not too) cold weather and the zillions of rather large size potholes blowing out tires, the tow guys are racking up the hours and raking in the dough.
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Another class… another "A"
02.08.08 - 1:23 am (CT)
I just finished another class at the local junior college and managed to stretch my "streak" of one to two — no brag, just fact*A's, as in a grade, in CIS 113 Introduction to Microsoft Excel. It was only a one-credit class, but that one credit put me over the top into senior year of college… who knows maybe I'll slowly work myself up from my Associate in Applied Science degree to a Bachelor of Science in something or other. That class was the reason why I happened to come across the Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 "Steal Deal" last month. Anyway, I excelled at Excel, which means something somewhere to somebody… even though that somebody may be just little ol' me.
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Since you stayed home… One hour five minutes
02.01.08 - 7:49 pm (CT)
Thank you for staying home today, as it not only made my driving experience much shorter, but also quite pleasant. This evening I have more time to unwind, and less need to do so, all because you took my advice to sneak in a three-day weekend by lamely skipping work today. So, now you can return to the rat race on Monday morning all refreshed… and ready to gun your engines and flash your brights while weaving in and out of traffic during rush hour.
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