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 March 1 - 31, 2008

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Previous passing thoughts of a Pageminder

The Backyard Gang
03.31.08 - 8:13 am (CT)
A blog worth mentioning is The Backyard Gang, which is written by my illustrious niece, Kathy, who is the oldest daughter of my sister Peg. Kathy is "the mother of 5 children" and has decided in her "free time" to, as she puts it, "sit down and spew thoughts and verbiage for no other reason than to empty my brain of it's clutter. If you choose to listen, then you're welcome to the nonsense!" Her latest post is a tribute to her mother who was the Dictionary Diva for MindBlog until her passing 2 years ago.

I thought enough of Kathy's spewed thoughts to direct you to them at The Backyard Gang where she spews forth with whatever she feels like spewing… sometimes it's something and sometimes it's nothing, which is kind of like moi here at MindBlog. When I was reading her bloggings, I felt a familiarity with her musings, somewhat like my own, yet they were definitely different… kind of like we're related… oh, that's right, we are!

I once said Peg could probably write this blog for me and no one would be the wiser, well, maybe that would also be true of Kathy… like sister like sister, like mother like daughter, and like niece like aunt. I think there might be a hitch though in that Peg and I, even though she was eleven years older than me, kind of grew up together, which makes for shared experiences that may not be able to be related to… Nah, the point was that the writing sounded similar in that the thought processes were similar, yeah, Kathy could probably do it.
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03.29.08 - 6:30 pm (CT)
Time marches on rather quickly… my firstborn is a whopping 30 years old today… it sure doesn't seem that long ago that Rob was tearing apart my fifth grade transistor radio and using the parts to build something else, which was when he was maybe 4 years old. Now, just 26 years later, he's a computer engineer whose job it is to purposefully "break" computer parts to test for their weaknesses before they hit the marketplace. So, if you have some telecom equipment that works beautifully, then you may just have Rob to thank for it.

Now, without further ado about the accomplishments of my very own Personal Computer Engineer, here's A GREAT BIG MINDBLOG…

A GREAT BIG MINDBLOG… Happy Birthday to Rob!!!

Note to Rob: HANDILY… and remember that "30 isn't nearly as old as you thought it was when you were 20". — Jeane Wade, (Sometime after) 3/11/83
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Misperceptions of reality
03.23.08 - 8:30 pm (CT)
Perceptions are all about how one perceives any given situation and since everyone is different, it is not that unusual for different people to perceive the same occurrence differently. However, usually there is some common ground where each perceives at least part(s) of the situation in the same way. A simple example of this would be an eight-ounce glass that has 4 ounces of fluid in it… is it half-full or half-empty? One person views it one-way while the other views it the other, however, whether they realize it or not, they both agree that it is half-something.

I suppose if one wanted to push the point they could call in the scientists to measure the volume of the fluid and the glass to prove who was absolutely, positively correct, but in the big picture, is it all that important? It probably isn't, but if it is, then by all means argue it down to the minutest measurement possible.
I don't mind most differences in perceptions, because, like I said, some, if not most, are just not that important… they definitely aren't worth bouncing myself off the floor for. I am fond of the saying, "Anyone can say anything, but that doesn't make it true", well, the same is true of perceptions and the ones that get to me are those that are so far askew from reality, from what truly is, that they defy rational thinking. If what is perceived is definitely not true, then I have to think that the person is either seeing just what they want to see or are themselves devoid of rational thought. Either way, they are creating their own reality, which is really a misperception of reality.
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I shoulda, but didn't, however, now I have
03.22.08 - 9:36 pm (CT)
Sometimes thinking or, as in this case, not thinking leads to a minor "shoulda moment"… but I have since thought about it and have rectified it. As for what I should have done was to have added an "Add to Google" button to MindBlog, where when you click it, it — or the link under "Site Tools" on your left— adds the MindBlog RSS Feed to your iGoogle homepage.

Just like the "add to My Yahoo!" button at the end of every MindBlog, the point to the "Add to Google" button is that when it is clicked on by anyone with an iGoogle homepage, it adds MindBlog's RSS Feed to their homepage, so they have very timely access to intros of my latest passing thoughts. It's a no-fuss-no-muss, hands-down win-win for both of us, as, without much effort, they get a glimpse of my latest thoughts and I get hits on MindBlog's RSS.XML feed file.

Note to Webmasters: If you would like for your users to be able to add your RSS Feed to their iGoogle homepage, Google has made it rather simple for you to do at their Add to Google Button - Information for Publishers page. By adding the button to your page, you'll "make it easier for people to discover and subscribe to your content", and then you too can be cheered (or jeered) by the masses, in an ever so timely manner.
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Shoulda, woulda, coulda…
03.17.08 - 9:10 pm (CT)
I try not to live my life by what should, could, or would have happened if I had only done this, that, or the other, but, on occasion, I catch myself just wondering about whatever. I really hate it when I do that because it makes me doubt not just my abilities, but myself as well, which is pretty much unnecessary, as I am more than capable of so many things. Not that I'm this outstandingly outstanding person, but I could easily move onto something else and let the nattering nabobs of doubt be nothing more than thoughts of no consequence.

"Thoughts of no consequence", I like that, it does sound so very much like something I would come up with, don't you think? Of course you do, because you have plenty of those little thoughts, too… justement comme moi!

Take that phrase to the Google Translation Gadget (the one that's made by Google) that I just added to my personalized iGoogle homepage… oh, you don't have an iGoogle homepage yet… well, what are you waiting for? If you already have one and want to quickly add the gadget to it, then just click the Google
Add Google Translation Gadget to your iGoogle homepage 

button. Or if you'd just like to play around with translating your favorite phrases to some other language, then just go to the Google Translate page… and, what the heck, you might want to add the page to your Favorites while you’re there.

As I was looking for a way to add the translator gadget to MindBlog, which didn't work, I ran across the Einstein Quote gadget and liked the current quote, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." So, I grabbed it, tested it, and then shoved it in here for our mutual enjoyment…

You're welcome and good evening!
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An occasion worth mentioning
03.11.08 - 4:30 am (CT)
I'm having a birthday, so with absolutely no rigmarole, no falderal, no fanfare, not even a drum roll, here's A GREAT BIG MINDBLOG

A GREAT BIG MINDBLOG… Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Just think about it… 55 years of  JEANE!!!
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Losing your domain name
03.09.08 - 8:00 am (CT)
I know a person who knows a person who is a member of an organization that lost their domain name because of — I'm guessing here folks — some kind of inaction on their part. They must not have believed their domain name registrar when they sent them emails telling them their name was about to expire, or maybe they never received the emails in the first place, because they didn't keep their domain name registration contact information up-to-date. There's also the possibility that because it was an organization, they lacked the organization, as it were, to know who was in charge of managing the domain name.

"…as I've said before,
'outdated contact info is probably the number one reason owners of domain names lose their names'."
However, it's much more likely it was the lack of due diligence on their part in updating their contact information, because, as I've said before, "outdated contact info is probably the number one reason owners of domain names lose their names". Quite simply, the domain name registrar tried to contact them, but couldn't due to lack of current contact information. So, whether it was by email, mail, or phone, it was a case of a "return to sender, address unknown" type situation where the email was bounced back, the letter returned, or the line was disconnected.

Gee, if you moved, you'd notify anyone you cared about enough to want them to know where you are so they could "reach out an touch you"… heck, you'd tell the post office of your new address, so why wouldn't you tell the company who holds the registration to your Internet address? Well, probably because you just didn't think to do it or maybe you weren't Web-savvy enough to know you had to. Whatever the reason, you used to have the perfect dotcom (or dot org, dot net, etc.), but now you don't, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

As for the chances for you to get it back, well, the chances for that are slim to none, although I did just help another group to retrieve their domain name, but that was because I knew what I was doing and forced them to act swiftly. Do you have someone to do that for you? If not, you're either on your own or, as that group did, you could contact Pageminders to do it for you… Pageminders minds your Web page, so you don't have to. (Yes, that was a blatant plug for my services, but then Mindblog is all about the "Passing thoughts of a Pageminder"… hah!)
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Some things change, some things don't
03.02.08 - 5:18 pm (CT)
I had a slightly longer wait for the other domino to drop, but it has now definitely fallen and it is déjà vu all over again, because some things change and some things never change… or do they? I think it might be a been-there-done-that-not-doing-it-again moment, but if it's not… gee, is there a great big "CHUMP" written across my forehead that for my rose-colored glasses I can't quite see? If it is just more of the same, then we're back to the mind games that nearly took me out just a couple of years ago, in which case, do I dare risk that again? I think not, I think there will have to be a lot more than just words to prove it’s not just more of the same old, same old, and if not, then I would need to really search my soul to figure out what it is I really want.

Addendum at 9:06 pm: Trust once lost, is very hard, sometimes impossible, to win back, and believe me, in this case, it wouldn't just be an uphill battle, but one up a cliff of solid rock.

Addendum to the Addendum at 11:38 pm: I've worked really hard to get where I'm at, not in the usual sense, but in that it was a long road back to normalcy… in my mind and in my life. And I know from years of counseling that I, like so many others who were in abusive relationships, have to guard against repeating the pattern in another relationship or, worse yet, going back to the abuser.

Please note: In the case of any kind of abuse, you may have wondered why the one being abused doesn't just leave or, as in this case, why they would go back. Well, you have just had a small glimpse into what goes through the mind of someone who has been on the receiving end of abuse and is beckoned back with expressions of regret and promises of love. Of course, much more went through my mind, but I didn't pass it along — at least not yet… gee, I could write a book.
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Lucky for me anyway
03.01.08 - 4:52 am (CT)
Lucky for me that I don't blog here for others, but for myself, which could make this a lonely place, except for the fact that I have no problem living with me, myself, and I, which makes this a group of at least three. Now, three is not a large group, but when you add the unknown minions of MindBlogophiles, well then, we have, even though the number is unknown, a group that could be classified by some as… more than three.

As for why I blogged about this today, ask Deb at HelpQuest.com, because she made a comment last weekend that spurred this passing thought.
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