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 September 30, 2008

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Getting past 666… it's just a number
09.30.08 - 11:59 pm (CT)
I'm not superstitious, not at all, but I am religious, so the number "666" means something to me. However, in my life, even though it is a continuing war, it represents a battle that I've won. It's really just a skirmish here and there, but nonetheless it continues to be something to keep an eye out for, one that one should keep in mind, but not let it overtake one's mind.

So, what brought this tidbit to the forefront of my thoughts to pass along? Well, I was thinking of how August AND September of this year kind of got away from me, and how they were only two months out of what I expect to be, my very long life. They were just two months out of, let me see now… the 666 months of my life so far. I thought about subtracting those two since they kind of flew by without much of a notice, but then realized in another two months I'd have to go through the 666th one again. Plus, you can't really just take two off, as they were there even if you didn't pay much attention to them. Gee, if I could do that, I'd be 40-something instead of 55.

But clearer, reasoning minds have prevailed: by the time I finish passing these thoughts on to the masses, it will be right around 11:59 pm of the 666th month of my life and I'll just have one more minute before I'm past the nasty number. Although I suppose something terrible could happen in that one minute, heck, I could even keel over, but the chances of that are so slim to be beyond highly unlikely. I figure it this way, if you're reading this, then I lasted long enough to put this online, which means I've skated past the 666… October is looking good.
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