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 June 6 - 30, 2009

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Web crusader for the BIG picture
06.30.09 - 5:36 pm (CT)
I'm on a crusade to get Web people to save the original images they use on their websites, which means the untouched, un-optimized, uncut original full-version, full-sized image… that would be BEFORE anyone has done anything to it. You might ask why bother when all you need is a little 72 dpi image that is cropped and optimized down to next to nothing for your site, and so I will answer that very question so as to widen your thought processes beyond the Web… to print.

Print is different than Web in that for quality results, professional results, visually pleasing results, the more dpi and larger physical size of the image the clearer and crisper the image will be. So, as a Webmaster you should ALWAYS save the original untouched image in a separate folder and only alter a copy of the original, which you should keep in another folder. Then should the need arise for any of the images to be used in print for advertising, flyers, or whatever, your clients will be forever grateful that you can supply them with the high quality original image that is more than suitable for use in print.

BTW, I've been using Easy Thumbnails to downsize images, both in physical size and dpi since 2002, it's a great image optimization program that is easy to use for anyone, even my brother Phil could manage it, if he'd try… hint, hint, hint.
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06.17.09 - 3:09 pm (CT)
Would have been 92 and counting…
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Getting all mushy-headed on TV and movies
06.06.09 - 3:13 pm (CT)
I'd been seeing commercials with a well known actor where he's supposed to be some kind of alien encouraging us to kind of zombie out on watching television — all mushy-headed, as it were — and then he mentions Hulu. Every time I've seen the stupid commercial I wondered, "What the heck is Hulu?", so yesterday I decided to look it up, online of course. Well, it's FREE TV and movies that you can watch, with or without commercial interruption, right on your computer, and to top that off you don't have to join anything to watch… no downloads either. Well, well, well, that makes that commercial not so stupid after all, because it got me to go find out more, which makes it brilliant advertising.

So, I was nosing around at Hulu, just to see what there was to see and decided to lookup a program that is no longer on TV, one that I have toyed with buying all six seasons on DVD, "Highlander", and, lo and behold, they have all 118 episodes plus clips for me to sit for hours and watch for FREE. So what to do, what to do, but watch Episode One - "Highlander: The Gathering". And to totally top off this tremendous freebie, they will also let you embed it on your site for FREE:

NOTE: I changed the width and height to fit the layout at MindBlog, but I do believe you can still see the screen just fine and in an undistorted fashion… gee, just take a look at Adrian Paul, there's nothing distorted about his looks… hot, hot, sizzling! There can be only one!
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