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 December 1 - 31, 2009

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What a year… and I'm still dancing!
12.31.09 - 7:25 am (CT)
  Glass half full
Some would write off this year as a total bummer, but certainement ne pas moi! I always try to find whatever positives may exist in any situation and then concentrate on those rather than what may seem to be the overwhelming negatives. It's not that I'm hiding my head in the sand, or that I'm looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, or even that I can't handle the truth…

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Kathy Jones needs a miracle… tis the season
12.25.09 - 7:15 am (CT)
My niece, Kathy Jones, of The Backyard Gang, has been living her life one day at time since the summer. It started last year with, at the age of 37, a diagnosis of endometrial cancer, then continued earlier this year with a recurrence, and finally just a few weeks ago the bad news came that it had spread even further… to her spine. And now, just a few days ago, at the age of 39, the doctors gave her the devastating news that surgery would not prolong her life, so it was not an option for her.

Those doctors may have given up, but she has not, she still has hope for a miracle, which is exactly what it will take… a true healing miracle from God. I believe in God and in His miracles — He has done a few for me — so I'm hoping and praying with Kathy that it is His will for her to have a really BIG one, one to literally save her life.

Please go to her blog, The Backyard Gang, and read about her and her life with her five kids — even though she has never been married, she adopted all five of those kids, all of them with special needs. Kathy's tagline for her blog, "A Little Bit O' This … A Little Bit O' That … and a Whole Lotta Nuthin'" in most of her musings has been cutely true, but with the latest news it is a WHOLE LOTTA SOMETHIN'! If you feel so moved, please leave her an uplifting message of encouragement and support.

It is the season of miracles, and with that in mind, I wish for you a very…

Merry Christmas!!!

and also that your lives be blessed with whatever you might truly need!

Bouncing into my world
12.04.09 - 10:42 pm (CT)
One score and seven years ago my Bear Bill bounced into my world bringing hope, joy, love, and laughter… there is no better gift a son can give his mother.

In celebration of 27 years of Bill, here's a great BIG MindBlog…

Happy Birthday to Bill!


Gee whiz, it's just a TV show for Heaven's sake
12.01.09 - 11:01 am (CT)
A few years back I took ballroom dances classes at the local junior college and liked it so much that I took them twice. I'm not very good at it, but just like singing, I do it anyway, for the pure joy of it. So, when Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) came on the air, I was thrilled to be watching celebrities learning to do various ballroom dance routines with a professional ballroom dancer. While the premise of the show is it's a celebrity competition to win, after weeks of dancing and competing, a mirror ball trophy (and some cash), I watched it because I was interested to see how the different celebs did and also for the pure entertainment value.

The celebs are scored by pros who try their best to keep it on a professional ballroom dance level in the scoring and comments, then the viewers also get to add their two cents by calling, texting, or going online to vote for their favorites. My favorite has not always won, but was usually in the top three at the end of the season, so it was a case of, you win some and you lose some… oh well, not as many viewers voted for my fave as voted for whomever won. If mine lost, I'd call my sister-in-law and commiserate with her over the results, and then it was back to real life. I didn't get my undies in a knot, or cry foul, or scream that it was rigged — it was showbiz and that's entertainment.

Well, after this season's finale, where Donny Osmond won the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, I had the opportunity to chat online at the DWTS Facebook page and gee whiz, with the way some of the people carried on you'd think the world was ending because their personal favorite did not win. There were some who were downright hysterical, writing all in CAPS like they were screaming, almost in uncontrolled babbling of nonsense, accusations, and insults. They directed their venom at the show, the stars (not theirs of course), and anyone who did not subscribe to their rantings of the show being rigged.

There was absolutely no reasoning with some of them, especially the ones screaming insults at the winner, they could not accept the facts when presented to them, they were totally out of control. They became downright abusive and when called to task on it, they said they could say whatever they wanted to say and then proceeded to throw insults. It would have been almost unbelievable how they acted, but I do have some experience with abusive types, so I saw it for what it was and had the misfortune of being one of the ones to call them on it. Gee, it was if I'd cut off their legs and arms… get out the sackcloth and ashes for all the hysterical grief pouring out of them at me.

All I did was point out the facts and if they became abusive to anyone I pointed that out as well. I probably waited a dot too long, but after one particularly personal attack, I cut the person off, blocking them from contacting me on Facebook. I also decided to change my Privacy Settings in case this particular woman decided to follow me elsewhere on FB — she could still do it, but it would have to be in a roundabout way and I doubt she would go to that much trouble.

The last time I checked back at that fan page, here it is a week later and there were still some yelling that their fave got robbed, that the winner didn't deserve it, and blah blah blah. Geesh, it's just a TV show for Heaven's sake, get over it, and get a life.


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