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  Google Local - Find local businesses and services on the web
  JolietBiz.com - Joliet, IL area business directory
  NewLenoxBiz.com - New Lenox, IL area business directory

  Facebook Advertising - Paying for ads on Facebook NEW
  Facebook Business Page - Create - Simple to create a business page NEW
  Facebook Business Page - Help Center - Help getting started NEW
  Google Local Business Center - Create and display a FREE business listing

  Joliet Chamber of Commerce - Regional business and tourism information
  Manhattan Chamber of Commerce - Manhattan, IL business information
  New Lenox Chamber of Commerce - New Lenox, IL business information

  Galleon Printing Company - Four color printing on paper and plastic films
  Touch of Nature, Inc. - Indoor plant rental, sales, and/or maintenance

  Avery Ink Jet Clean Edge Business Cards - Business card paper
  Kodak Presentation Plus Paper - Flyer/brochure paper
  Microsoft Office Template Gallery - Business document templates (FREE)

  Dealing With Committees - Presto… a committee of one (MB Quick Tip)

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  ViviCam 3705 Digital Camera - 3.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera by Vivitar

  Spyware Removal Tools Stop Snoopers - Remove spyware article

  Error Messages
  Error VBE6.DLL - Cause wfword2k.dot file (MB Solution)
  Photdraw.exe generated errors - Cause W2K SP 4 (MB Solution)
  Winword.exe generated errors - Cause wfword2k.dot file (MB Solution)
  Winword.exe generated errors - Cause redrule_bc.dot file (MB Solution)

  Creative Sound Blaster Audigy™ LS - Great sound (card) for whatever
  Linksys® Wireless-G Broadband Router - Wireless broadband network hub
  Linksys® Wireless-G Notebook Adapter - Wireless network notebook card
  Linksys® Wireless-G PCI Adapter - Wireless network desktop card
  Targus Wireless Optical Mini-Mouse - Wireless laptop/desktop mini-mouse
  vpr Matrix® 185A5 Notebook - A nice little notebook computer

  Expetec of Frankfort IL - Computer and network services and support

  Laptop With a Floppy Drive? - To floppy or not to floppy (MB Quick Tip)
  Mouse Cleaning - How to clean your mouse (MB Quick Tip)

  Screen Resolution - Changing your Screen Resolution (MB Short Tutorial)

  IP Address World - FREE IP address lookup for all Internet connections

  Backdoor.Nibu.E - Symantec Security Response to Backdoor.Nibu.E Trojan
  RemEye 1.0 (MegaSecurity) - Document on the RemEye 1.0 Trojan
  RemEye 1.0 (Pest Patrol) - Report on the RemEye 1.0 Trojan
  Spyware Removal Tools Stop Snoopers - Spyware article (incl. RemEye)

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  Resources - Cascading Style Sheets
  CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks - Q&A, tutorials book
  Designing Without Tables Using CSS - Html Utopia articles
  Designing Without Tables Using CSS - Html Utopia book (complete)
  Designing Without Tables Using CSS - Html Utopia book (partial download)

  Resources - Database
  MySQL - Open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability

  Resources - General
  Builder.com - Web design/development articles
  NetMechanic - Web design/development articles and tips
  SitePoint - Web design/development tutorials and articles
  WebMonkey - Web design/development tutorials and articles

  Resources - JavaScript
  EarthWeb.com - JavaScripts for use on your site (FREE)
  PerlScriptsJavaScripts - Email validation script that works (FREE)
  The JavaScript Source - JavaScripts, tutorials, reference, and help (FREE)

  Resources - PHP
  PHP - Open source general-purpose scripting language

  Resources - Search Engine Optimization — Flash
  Flash Sites - Optimize through link building - Flash SEO with inbound links
  Optimizing Flash for Search Engines - Using plain text links for Flash SEO
  Optimizing Flash for Search Engines - General SEO info for Flash sites

  Internet Content Rating Association - FREE service to rate your content
  Pageminders - Web Design, ReDesign, Maintenance, and Site Submittal
  RSS-to-JavaScript - FREE Web Service to convert and display RSS Feeds

  Tips - Coding
  ALT Attribute - Using the ALT attribute with the IMAGE tag (MB Quick Tip)
  BR Tag Quirk - BR tag placement and mysterious spaces (MB Quick Tip)
  Hide From Email Spiders - Use of Unicode, JS, and CGI
  Using ALT And TITLE Attributes - Use of ALT and TITLE attributes

  Tips - Search Engine Optimization
  All About Title Tags - What you name (title) your webpage is important
  Google is now indexing pop-ups - Better add links to your pop-ups
  Optimizing While Composing - Think keywords then content (MB Quick Tip)
  Search Engine Optimization - More on keywords and phrases (MB Quick Tip)
  Search Engine Optimization 101.5 - Do's and Don'ts (MB Not-So-Quick Tip)

  Add to Google Button - Add your RSS Feed to iGoogle homepages
  Brainy Quote of the Day - FREE quote of the day box for your site
  Did you know? Facts Widget - FREE trivia and facts widget for your site
  Einstein Quote Gadget - FREE Einstein Quote Gadget for your site
  Google Site Search - Add Google's FREE Web and site search to your site
  Hulu - FREE TV shows and movies to embed on your site
  IP Address World - FREE IP address box for your site
  Music Babylon - FREE music video and lyrics widget for your website
  OneLook® Dictionary Search - FREE dictionary search box for your site
  OneLook® Word of the Day - Add a FREE "Word of the Day" to your site
  SitePoint Daily Tip Feed - Add a FREE Web tip of the day feed to your site
  SoundTracks Lyrics Source - FREE song lyrics box for your site
  SuTree "free how-to videos" Widget - FREE video widget for your site
  Symantec Security Alerts - FREE security alerts feed for your site
  TaxMama's TaxQuips - FREE tax news, tips, & loopholes feed for your site
  Widgetbox - Get a FREE widget, or make your own widget, for your site
  Wunderground - FREE real-time online weather info sticker for your site
  YouTube - FREE audio-visual box for your site

  Making An RSS Feed - Simple "How to" add an RSS Feed to your site
  Site Optimization Tutorial - Excellent, S.O. 101 (WebMonkey)

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  GoDaddy - Outstanding Web hosting services for a very low price
  HelpQuest.com - Internet hosting services with PIZZAZZ!
  HelpQuestDomains.com - DIY domain name registrations and services

  IP Address Information
  ARIN Whois - American WHOIS database
  Domain Tools - Domain name search lookup that allows a wildcard search
  Domain Tools JavaScript Link - Whois lookup while you're on another site

  ICANN - Technical coordination for, and governing body of, the Internet

  GoDaddy - Register a domain with a company that gives outstanding service
  GoDaddy Domain Alert - Monitor and/or backorder existing domains
  SnapNames - Snaps up that url you've been waiting for

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  Google AdSense™ - Make money from advertising on your site

  Processing.net - Electronic commerce; secure, realtime processing

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  Joliet Junior College - General education; computer and software classes

  Instruction - Do It Yourself
  SuTree Instructional Videos - Free how-to videos on many subjects

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  "Accentuate the Positive" — Bette Midler & Bing Crosby - Music video
  "Amazing Grace" — Il Divo - Live performance at the Colosseum in Rome
  "Born Free" — Matt Munro - Lyrics and video
  "Mama" — Il Divo - Live performance in New York of song honoring mothers
  "Mama" — Il Divo - Music video of song honoring mothers
  "Maverick" Theme Song - Lyrics for TV show
  "Maverick" (TV Show) - Song and video for Maverick (TV show)
  "My Wish" — Rascal Flatts - Music video
  "Sister Suffragette" - Music video and lyrics from "Mary Poppins"
  "Somewhere Out There" - Lyrics
  "Somewhere Out There" - Music video promo for "An American Tail"
  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Music video of Eva Cassidy At Blues Alley
  "Taxman" — The Beatles - Cartoon musical on confiscatory taxes

  Videos - Other
  YouTube - Watch a variety of professional and DIY videos

  Videos - TV & Movies
  "Highlander: The Gathering" - Watch Episode One with links to all others
  Hulu - Free online video service with hit TV shows & blockbuster movies

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  Finally, a Break for the Small Fry Or… - Solo 401K (EGGTRA) Info

  Hawtree & Associates, CPA - Bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation
  TaxMama.com - Tax Information With A Mother's Touch

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  FREE (with link)
  3DFlags.com - Animated flags and graphics from around the world

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  EarthLink - Unlimited direct Internet access with top-notch service and support

  Mozilla Firefox - Browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently

  iGoogle - Personalized Google homepage

  Google Alert - FREE service to keep track of anything on the Web

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  Emotional and Verbal Abuse - Get help for emotional and verbal abuse
  Narcissism - What you need to know about narcissistic behaviors
  Options for Change, Ltd. - Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling

  MindBlog 2011 Calendar - Download a FREE MindBlog 2010 Calendar

  Remembering Grandma - Video tribute to the Grandma of Kathy's kids
  The Fuller Power, The Larger Light - "For every time, there is a reason…"

  The Daily Journal - Kankakee, IL area newspaper

  Facebook - FREE profile page to connect you with friends, family, etc.

  Boy Scouts of America - Values-based leadership training for boys

  ShadeTree Studio 57 - On location photographic portraiture

  Real Estate
  Team Tompkins (Realty Executives Assoc.) - Realtors for Manhattan, IL

  Fin & Feather Resort - Fish and hunt in the Canadian Wilderness

  Dakota Expressions - American Indian jewelry shop in Long Grove, IL
  Ebay - Buy and sell just about anything on the world's online marketplace
  Nifty 50's - Nostalgia shop in Long Grove, IL
  Pampered Chef® Catalog - Quality kitchen products, cookbooks, mixes

  Metra Train Service - Train service from Manhattan, IL to Chicago, IL

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  Design Portfolio
  Cat in My Shoe - Custom design for a local jewelry designer
  Manhattan United Methodist Church - Custom design for a local church
  NewLenoxBiz - Custom design for new business venture
  Options for Change, Ltd. - Custom design for a new counseling center
  St. Paul's United Church of Christ - Custom design for a local church
  Touch of Nature, Inc. - Custom design for an interior landscape company

  Minding Portfolio
  Cat in My Shoe - Updates as needed
  Manhattan United Methodist Church - Monthly updates
  Options for Change, Ltd. - Updates as needed
  St. Paul's United Church of Christ - Updates as needed
  Touch of Nature, Inc. - Updates as needed

  Optimization Portfolio
  Camz Retro, Inc. - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of initial site

  ReDesign Portfolio
  JolietBiz - Re-use of NewLenoxBiz design for similar business venture
  MindBlog - Redesign of Pageminders for new site
  Pageminders - Redesign of original site… and now a redesign of the redesign
  Pageminders.JolietBiz - Redesign of Pageminders for new venture

  Web Sites
  MindBlog - Passing thoughts of a Pageminder — A Web developer's journal
  Pageminders - Web Design, ReDesign, Maintenance, and Site Submittal
  Pageminders.JolietBiz - Web Design, ReDesign, Maintenance, Site Submittal

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Recommended Reading

  Journey - Book about abuse, in its subtlest forms — emotional abuse

  Fiction - Christian
  Wings of Refuge - Stories of 3 women and mercy, grace, and forgiveness

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  Data and Statistics
  City-Data.com - Detailed profiles of thousands of U.S. cities
  Manhattan, IL - City-Data's detailed profile of Manhattan, Illinois

  Acronym Finder - Abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms dictionary
  Acronym Finder Tools - Search tools/add-ons to find acronym definitions
  Dictionary.com - Dictionary, thesaurus, and reference guide
  FOLDOC - Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
  Luciferous Logolepsy - Dragging obscure words into the light of day
  Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary and thesaurus
  OneLook® Dictionary - A search engine for words and phrases
  OneLook® Reverse Dictionary - Describe a concept, get back a list of words
  OneLook® Word of the Day - Word of the Day from global search results
  Webopedia - Computer & Internet technology dictionary & search engine
  World Wide Words - Word/phrase origin, history, evolution, and idiosyncrasies

  Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

  Inogolo - English pronunciations for names of people, places, and stuff

  National Breast Cancer Foundation - Breast cancer awareness
  Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - An overview of RA from WebMD.com

  SoundTracks Lyrics - Song lyrics for movies, cartoons, TV, musicals

  Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus - Synonyms, antonyms, and concept

  Bartelby.com - Familiar quotations
  BrainyQuote - Famous quotes and quotations from famous people
  The Phrase Finder - Find the source for phrases, sayings, and idioms

  Google Translation Gadget - iGoogle homepage translation gadget
  Google Translate - Google translates between common languages

  Did You Know? - Facts and trivia about people, products and places

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Search Engines, Directories, and Lists

  Directories - General
  All The Web - Web directory
  JoeAnt - Web directory
  Open Directory Project - Web directory
  Yahoo! - Web directory

  Directories - Specialty — Business — Local
  Google Local - Find local businesses and services on the web

  Directories - Specialty — People
  ClassMates.com - Find people you knew in high school, military, college

  Directories - Specialty — Weblog
  Blo.gs - Recently updated weblog directory
  Blog Search Engine Directory - Find blogs listed in directory by category
  EatonWeb Portal - Weblog directory
  Globe of Blogs - Global weblog directory
  Linked* - Weblog and journal database directory
  Weblogs Compendium - Weblog directory

  Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering - Filing papers highlights
  SearchDay - Free daily newsletter with search news, reviews, tools, tips
  Search Engine Journal - Fair and Balanced search engine news
  Search Engine Watch - Search engine and optimization guide
  Search Engine Report - Search engine developments monthly newsletter

  Lists - Specialty
  The Online Books Page - Listing over 20,000 free books on the Web

  Lists - Specialty — Weblog
  Weblogs - Recently updated weblog list

  Googlebot - Google's Web crawling robot (FAQ)

  Search Engine - General
  Alexa - Search the Web; offers rankings and reviews
  Google - Search the entire Web
  Yahoo! Search - Search the Web

  Search Engine - Specialty
  OneLook Dictionary Search - Search dictionary web sites for a definition

  Search Engine - Specialty — Weblog
  Blog Search Engine - Search for listed blogs by name or subject

  Site Submittal
  Yahoo! Search - Submit your site to Yahoo! Search for FREE

  THE Most Important Directory - ODP supplies results for others (MB Quick Tip)

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  OneLook® Dictionary Search IE Add-On - Right click words for definition
  Uninstall OneLook® IE Add-On - Uninstall OneLook® add-on instructions

  Design and Development
  Arachnophilia 5.1 - Global text editor and compiler
  CSE HTML Validator* - HTML/XHTML syntax checker and editor
  Macromedia HomeSite 5.5 - HTML, CFML, JSP, and XHTML code-only editor
  TopStyle CSS Editor* - CSS and HTML/XHTML editor for Windows

  Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 - Download MS Office 2007 for just $59.95
  WinFax Pro 10.02 - Small business fax management software

  Adobe Photoshop - Create and/or edit images like a pro
  Anfy 2.0 - Create special effects using Java™ applets
  Easy Thumbnails - Create accurate thumbnail images
  JPEG Optimizer - Optimizes jpg images for use on the Web

  Google Earth 4.2 - View satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and more

  HelpQuest.net - Software services and tips (Microsoft Office Certified)
  Microsoft Knowledge Base - Searchable error message database
  Symantec Support - Searchable error message database

  Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional - Create Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  Adobe Reader - FREE Reader for Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  E-Cloaker 2.0 by CodeBrain.com - Unicode eddresses
  EarthLink Spy Audit - FREE scan to identify spyware on your computer
  Fantomas Shadow Coder - Unicode large blocks of text
  Flash Renamer 4.1 - Rename hundreds of files at one time
  Lavasoft's Ad-aware - Utility identifies and removes spyware
  MailWasher 1.32 - Email checker to stop spam and eliminate viruses
  Norton Antivirus - Automatic detection and repair of common virus infections
  Real VNC - Virtual Network Computing (WinVNC) information

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  A Book in You - An article about bloggers becoming best selling authors

  Blogistic.com - Logical assertions and conclusions—stuff that makes sense
  Boswell's London Journal - Excerpts from Boswell's 18th Century journal
  J-Walk Weblog - Stuff that may or may not interest you
  Pepys Diary - The Diary of Samuel Pepys (17th Century)
  The Backyard Gang - Mother of 5 blogs to unclutter her mind

  Resources - General
  Yahoo! Groups: Blogging_Community - Chat about/get help with your weblog

  Resources - RSS
  Get Your RSS Feed Listed Within Hours at Yahoo… - "How to" instructions

  Services — PING
  Ping-o-Matic! - Notify various blog tracking services of updated blog

  Services — Tracking
  Blo.gs - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  BlogRolling - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  BlogShares - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  BlogStreet - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  Feed Burner - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  GeoURL - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  My Yahoo - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  PubSub.com - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  Root Blog - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  RubHub - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  Technorati - Tracking service for recently updated blogs
  Weblogs.com - Tracking service for recently updated blogs

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  Authors - Personal Favorites
  Lynn Austin - Christian Fiction novels with historical and inspirational plots
  Barbara Delinsky - Novels about emotional crises that we face in our lives
  Danielle Steele - Novels that touch on the most pressing issues of real life
  Jodi Picoult - Novels about family, relationships, and love
  Luanne Rice - Novels of love and family
  Nora Roberts - Novels about romance and suspense

  Web Sudoku - Billions of free interactive Sudoku puzzles to play online
  Wikipedia: the Sudoku puzzle - Sudoku puzzle explanation and solution

  3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference, The - Scamming to take your money
  Valley of the Geeks - High tech humor served fresh occasionally

  Chicagoland Speedway - Nascar race track in Joliet, Illinois
  Lincoln-Way HS District 210 - High school district serving Manhattan, IL
  Manhattan Community Calendar - Schedule of events in Manhattan, IL
  Manhattan, IL - Village of Manhattan, Manhattan, Illinois
  Manhattan Irish Fest - A community celebration of its Irish roots
  Manhattan School Dist. 114 - Elementary schools serving Manhattan, IL
  Peotone School District 207-U - School district serving Manhattan, IL

  Medline Industries, Inc. - Mfr. of Generation Pink Vinyl Exam Gloves
  Pink Glove Dance - Info on breast cancer awareness dance video
  Pink Glove Dance - Info on making of Pink Glove Dance video
  Pink Glove Dance Fansite - Business fansite page at Facebook
  Providence St. Vincent Medical Center - Pink Glove Dance video hospital

  Networking — Personal
  Jeane Harper Wade - Personal Facebook page
  Mandie Derrig Wade - Personal Facebook page

  Eva Cassidy - Informational site for blues/jazz singer Eva Cassidy
  Il Divo - Informational site for international operatic pop quartet

  Peg's Picks - Website connoisseur's personally selected tips and web hotspots

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